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Is that so !! I see.


Mac's predictions may come to fruition, but let's wait until Rafa and Roger retire before it's official, Mr McEnroe! It's the here and now.


After the OZ this year McEnroe said that Roger was the GOAT without a doubt and now he's changing his mind.

The guy loves to create controversy!!!


LOL Wuiches, spot on! It's like musical chairs with these former greats, Laver being the exception, and they say women change their minds!


We used to wait at least a generation before proclaiming the new GOAT. Now it's every 6 months. ENOUGH~!


Nadal has to make up some numbers, and he can. The question is "Will he?" I agree, we have to wait.


Time will tell!!


Spot on BettyJane. Jmac changes his mind every other match.


Quite sure this was taken out of context. Borg on the other hand is capable of saying some crazy things when he's off his Meds.


True, arguments can be made in favor of either one as "The Greatest" when considering stats, records, skills, and speculations/projections...

I don't think it's either one of them. Like I've said too many times, there is always some player who has achieved something the other has not. Connors is unique, as are Laver, Rosewall, Sampras, Lendl, Federer, Nadal, Borg, McEnroe, Agassi, Gonzales, Vilas, Edberg, and others not mentioned here. I used to love the idea one one player that could top them all, but that is not a realistic prospect. Fantasies can be fun, but much respect has to be accorded to the other guys who have forged their paths, played the matches, honed the skills, established streaks and records, and all the rest of it.

When it comes to Nadal and Federer, I think:

Nadal is the greatest never-say-die competitor/fighter the sport has ever had, and all his achievements, on clay, and his high learning curve on all surfaces, including the superb tactical gauntlet placed down against Roger, have made his achievements uniquely his own.

Federer is the greatest shotmaker the sport has ever seen, as well as the most consistent Open-Era #1, and it has contributed greatly to the massive adulation and claims of GOATness by fans around the world, as well as the many records he owns in the sport. His achievements are uniquely his.

It can be entertaining to assert one's opinion on who's the best sometimes, but there will never be a definitive consensus. It would have to be broken down into categories, and that can be an exhausting task.


Ok, then.


Great response SE, totally agree. They are all GOATS in my opinion.


Mcenroe is twisting Nadal. He doesn't like both these guys to be claimed GOAT. He is playing in Nadal's mind.


Why is he comparing Davis cup which is a team event? Give Djokovic,Murray,BryanBros to Swiss and see. Its just Spain has got a good generation of tennis players.
Nadal has not even been to finals of the WTF which has the top of the line players, and he is not dominant on hard courts, so how do you call him the GOAT? gimme a break


Nadal would listen to this Mcnroe's words and frown till his forehead creates a tsunami in the air, twist his lips which will make models embarrass their pout, and utter --- "everyone has their own opinion,no? I think Roger is the greatest player, I just try to give my best on the court, thats all you can do, no? blah blah blah"


McEnroe and Wilander have morphed into an evil Bud Collins. Actually, they should retire from commenting, playing on the Senior circuit and get a life. They are like parasites living off the current greatness of Nadal and Federer. Remember McEnroe's cheesy photo-op deal with Borg Sampras Laver and Federer at Wimbledon in 2007? Remember McEnroe's gushing praise of Federer after 2007 and then his bowing to Nadal in 2008? Wilander is another mooch, sucking up left and right. I'm beginning to think that Fed and Rafa are just too polite to tell them off. They have begun to embarrass tennis. You see Edberg or Becker or even Lendl pulling this puppy love baloney? Please......


the greats of the past all admire nadal more. why? because he's a true warrior. not some crying pansy.


Gee, it's been a while since we've had an intelligent poster like IMAGINE on this site. I guess it had to happen again sometime.
The greats of the past can admire whoever they choose to, as do you, but can we avoid the idiotic and provocative bashing please?

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