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LOL Sir Winston!

Whatever else you can say about him, the man had a mind like a scalpel.

Thanks, Stella!


don't thank me. I never posted that !!


It was I.


At a dinner one night:

Lady X: "Winston, you are drunk."

Churchill: "And you, Lady X, are ugly. But I shall be sober in the morning."


thanks Sperry. And DSG --- maybe we should have a thread of Winston Churchill one liners. there are many of them


Wow. If these can really be attributed to him, we are probably just lucky he was never shot.


I believe Mrs. Smith was Lady Astor. She and Churchill supposedly hated each other. Another couple witticisms:

Lady Astor to Churchill: Sir Winston, you are drunk.

Churchill: Yes, Lady Astor, and you are ugly. The difference is in the morning I'll be sober.

He also supposedly answered when she asked him "how he found himself".

Churchill: Well, I threw back the covers this morning, and there I was.

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