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Jef Costello

And Tiger Woods does not really apologise for his piss-poor behaviour on and off the course. On the course, he apologises for acting like a big idiot, then continues to act like a big idiot. Recent garbage is his spitting incident last week. Classy.

Ali was a trash talker in his prime. I never recalled him apologising for it, even when he was not telling the truth.

TP never apologises when he is so far wrong in trashing the reputation of people he has never met or knows at all (outside of what the rest of the world see and read), and the tennis players that makes this blog minutely successful among its niche / minority readership.

I guess that TP has never heard the age-old saying "practice what you preach".

And yeah, I know this is a tongue in cheek post by TP, though to write it, something must be stirring on his insides and usually it is a reflection of oneself, rather than really wanting others to come clean. So come on TP, dish out your apologies. Dish it out to Roger and Kim too. Doesn't mean that you can then keep on doing it.


"spitting incident"

lol, googling now. Ahh Jef give him some slack he means no harm:) Ok maybe sometimes he does.

Jef Costello

"Ahh Jef give him some slack he means no harm:)"

heh heh... I am giving TP slack, particularly with my last paragraph. I know he is tongue in cheek many times, though just can't help but bite him back for the myopic, "holier than thou" comments. It is what makes me keep coming back though, to see how far he scrapes the bottom of the barrel :-)


The barrel no longer has a bottom... so long it has been scrapped


TP they're saving it all for their autobiographies and also a book they're collaborating on(title should be FEDAL) ;)


I can't remember what match but Federer refused to go to net until Nadal did. It was so funny; Nadal kept looking over at Federer!

Also, what does Federer have to apologize to ball boys?

nelson goodman

Claire, I think it was Madrid 2009 (not exactly a minor match in Fedal history and I don't think Fed's win and this incident are completely coincidental).


"Federer refused to go to net until Nadal did. It was so funny; Nadal kept looking over at Federer!"

Saw the match missed the incident.


Instead it would be great if they thump their chest and shout at everyone like Ali

nelson goodman

Here's some footage - though Rafa is already up at the net, waiting for Fed. Note also that Fed, for the first time, won the toss and elected *to receive*.


nelson goodman

sorry, it's at 9:17.

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