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This initially intrigued me, but after watching a documentary and reading some forums on it, realized its one of the most dangerous, technically difficult things to learn. So many things can go wrong, mostly due to nature, that only experience and training can get you out of alive. Would never do this.


so we line all the Rafa fans up on the top of a cliff and ...............


Lol:) And throw Novak in one of these suits at them?


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well Novak should be an ace at flying after that
promo stunt he did of playing tennis on the wing of a plane


mind blowing. i want one! and a new body for afterwards


So here are all the beginners and amateurs -- NOW, show me the professionals! :)


No way would I ever do this! So afraid of heights that I can't even watch the videos without getting dizzy! LOL!


LOL Bonnie, me neither, I know my limitations - survival! I felt sick in a pod on the London Eye! I'll stick with a fast motorcycle on the ground!


Jesus, RafaFan. Any other great ideas? ;)


Well, at least I'm not the only one feeling this way. Nice to have such good company to commiserate with.


Hey Bonnie, I'm even useless on a ladder! LOL RafaFan, what next?!


they are all amateurs and beginners because none of them live long enoughto become professionals


Fear of heights!!!!! Yikes!


I will stick to dancing! :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eC1tikkotVU

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