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Jenny did you just post a link to this? They are hilarious. I have about 8 of these things saved. i love the first one , on the bed and the one outside in the snow. Thanks


Jenny, I just searched and found some more Simon's cat for my collection. Plus it seems therre's a book to and it's been used in some adverts.
I found this interesting interview with Simon Tofield.


Ha ha. Thanks Jenny.
Why do cats do that? I mean, when you open the door for them, why does it take them a few seconds before they come in?


Loved the interview with Simon Tofield, [I didn't realise he was a Brit] only a cat owner/lover could make these vids, love 'em. Thank you Stella.

"Why do cats do that? I mean, when you open the door for them, why does it take them a few seconds before they come in?"

Sol, Maybe the following will explain why.

There is the saying, "Dogs have masters, cats have servants"


Sol --- if you open the door and the cat was to come in then you win.

If you open the door and the cat hesitates and thinks about it and makes you wait and then comes a few steps in and then stops and has a wash and then looks at a bird and then decides that it will do you a favour and come in -- then the cat wins.

And the rule is --- the cat always wins.


Similar joke my (cat loving) g/f told me: A dog sees the master providing all needs... food, shelter, etc, and says, "wow... they must be Gods. A cat sees exactly the same thing and says, "WE must be Gods."


My dogs have always tried to please me, cats like to please themselves, even my own great cats. Also, a cat can survive independently outside if it has to, they are natural hunters and true carnivores [they need meat or they get sick], more so than a domestic dog who isn't a natural born serial killer. Fortunately, my cats live in, so I'm not presented with pathetic little bodies of the feathered or other kind.


Lol, all very true. Thank you all.

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