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I am happy for Maria to see her in the ATP 1000-WTA Premier final match again...Too bad for andrea but a veteran like maria back on her feet even without having to face Serena W is another tremendous feat to step up her game like old time. Another Rus vs Rus final maybe? or the ex-USSR country, Belarusian Gal and former 2009 champ Azarenka try to kill Maria's dream?

And another big SF men singles soon too! Roger playing Rafa and Fish to destroy 22-0 Nole's win heh...


Shrieka's back. :-)

And I'm so excited that we're going to have a FEDAL match -- though it's a little bittersweet for it to be a semi and not a final.


Man, those are handsome photos of Roger.


petko looks like a dude...


I think she's pretty. And I like the fact that she doesn't look and act like a girly girl. It makes her even more attractive, imo.
And I'm not even a man.


That's not Felithiano in the third picture is it?

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