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Jef Costello

Hard to say on this one TP. I have seen many times where Nole has clapped Roger and other players for a good shot, even when he is getting belted. Who knows though with this recent final, as it was indeed odd that there was no standard acknowledgement of the runner up, by the winner. I did not see the points the claps were regarding.

For the clapping, I really think you may be stretching it here for some BS controversy that doesn't exisit. Still, I think Nole is a tool who tries too hard to be liked, and that his persona after beating Roger at the AO semi is reverting back to his wanker days of 2007 and 2008 when he hailed he was the rising prince and King, respectively.


Even though I am a Federer-fan and not happy when he lost to anyone, I respect Djoko san a lot. I did not at the beginning but I get to know him as a very decent and loving person. Really there is nothing wrong as wanting to be liked. But I think it is more than that, not only he wants to be like very sincerely, he also a a loving human being. He loves his family and his country. Frankly I do believe his is totally sincere all those times he applauded people. Yes I love Federer san, but I do not think anything ill about Djoko san at all.

Good question TP sama. You notice everything.


Very observant commentary, Chieko san. You don't miss much either. :-)

Nelson Goodman

Actually, I think the "bravo" applause may explain the thing that has most caught folks' attention here - the absence of any acknowledgment of Fed by Nole in his winner speech. In that I think Nole realized that the applause came off as condescending and was eager to avoid any chance of that again - as part of his general effort not to piss off people. Thus you can see his repeated emphasis (both in the on-court interview and post-match presser) that he knew he had to be at his best against Fed.


From what I read (since I didn't see the whole match), it was not so much the applause that was interpreted as condescending by the media, but the "bravo" from Djoko.


I didn't see the whole match either due to dodgy streams, so can't comment. I too have seen Nole acknowledge an opponent's great shot, including that of Roger, so I do find that gesture to be instinctive and sincere. Not so keen on his previous over the top net hugs which I personally found condescending and cringeworthy, more so to a veteran, even the tactile Latin boys don't do that, it's a different matter between two known friends and we all know by now who the buddies of players are. I certainly forgave him for the 2007/2008 nonsense which I felt was orchestrated.


@Sol "but the "bravo" from Djoko"

Now i'm confused, saw the clapping (as he was well in the lead) but missed the "bravo". I would think a "bravo" is much worse.

@Jenny "even the tactile Latin boys don't do that"

Yet another thing the PR team had him change, as it was getting way out of hand, to a point of "get off me, you clown".

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