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His Russian and Israeli accents were great:) I'm decent with a few accents, but no competing with this.


LOL! Thanks Chip! LOL Our teeth [most cases] are perfectly fine and healthy, thank you very much! Shades of Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins and we all thought that rendition of a London accent was hilarious too!


I love Jamie Oliver's accent. Jenny what kind of British accent is that ?


LOL and LOL...and clap3x...spot on!


Xeres, He's north Essex, kinda London accent, we don't use some of the words he uses. Also, lots of Londoners move to Essex, easy commute to the city. David Beckham born in east London, natural east London accent, lives in Herts north of London in an £18 million pile known as Beckingham Palace!


LOL Beckingham palace ! So that's why they're invited to the Royal wedding eh ? ;)
I know you're not a royal watcher ..still how is the royal wedding frenzy building up in London ?

I don't care what the yanks say... the Brit accents are sexier than the American accent any day ;)
I love the Irish accent too..look at all the singers who come from an Irish background !


Them Irish and Welsh do have wonderful singing voice!


There are two Irish accents, north and south. The north being harsher, I guess you guys are veering to the south [rep of Ireland] with the softer, lilting tone, although there are slightly different dialects.

Things are pretty much the same where I come from, Xeres. Some areas in London have organised street parties, but not here. Most of the wedding build-up would be more at the centre of London.. The gov. have given us a public holiday on the day and I'll be watching on TV.


I tried to book flights to UK at the end of april and with the wedding, all those Bank holidays you're having and Easter I could not get a decent priced flight or hotel bookings, so now i'm going in May.
I was born in N Ireland and had one of those Belfast accents till I was 12. My youngest sister had a Kent accent at primary school and my nephew is dorset --- to the Americans it's all ' English accent "


"to the Americans it's all ' English accent "

Well I can distinguish.. An Irish, Scottish, Welch, English, and Canadian accent:) from one another more often than not. Can't speak for all of us though.

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