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Thank you and for the great photos, Stella. Enjoy!


Enjoyed the read.


Thanks Stella.


Most enjoyable, thanks!! (Stella they probably deliberately oversalt the pulled pork to make you buy overpriced sodas---the bastards)


today went to the Subway that is just by the main entrance --- just as quick to go there as to eat at the foodcourt. They had a staff making those subs so fast it made your head spin as when the stadiun match ended they were swamped


Thank you, Stella.
Sounds like you're having fun.
And great pics.
I've seen Wickmayer play in Zurich and I know what you mean about the speed of the balls. She's impressive.


Great work Stella ! Keep 'em coming and loved the photos.


Loved your home made TP poster too ! TP this definitely calls for a WOF. I cast my vote ! Anyone else with me ?


Hey, I didn't see the banner the first time I looked at the pictures!
Good job, Stella. You have my vote too!


WOW! Thanks Stella,Thankyou really
for taking the time. Love those behind the scene
action.Enjoy and stay healthy.
Plenty of water!!!!!!


Loving the poster as well, Stella is all over the that WOF already but surely she deserves more recognition for this:)


I LOVED reading this, Stella--- it was like being there. Thank you.

I agree with Xeres about the WOF for Stella.


I too lend my support for the WOF nomination.


Congrats Stella for the WoF listing! Well deserved! Thank you for the pictures and your reports! Have fun!


Yes-as RafaFan said, well deserved, Stella!


Seconded, well deserved, Stella!


LOL Stella and the TP sign - great atuff!


Sorry..'stuff', That must have been a Freudian slip!


Well done, Stella!
I know it feels kind of silly to hold up a sign and have people take your picture in a very public setting, but we really appreciate it! Thanks for the updates, too.


I vote that from now on, Stella should blog along with Sasha. :-D

Love those photos. Along with the great athleticism, they seem to capture how the ladies seem to pick their fashionable colors for the season (did anyone else notice how many were wearing the green/blue combination?).

Thank you so much, Stella - so much fun! Hope a good time is being had by all!


@M-- yes there are some great fashionable outfits. Form fitting to show off the great bods but also a lot of brights and neons. Woz in neon orange and navy ( at least those weird ruffles are gone ) Z Strychova yesterday in purple, Hantuchova in the Adidas in purple/blue/green that Ivanovic wears too , Wickmeyer in bright pink with pink sparkly earrings, and of course Petrova in that dreadful frilly concoction that apparently she hates and never asked for.
I looked in the tournament shop and all the latest clothes are there but the sizes ???? Unless you are a size small or XS and at least 5'8" there was nothing.Nothing seems designed for a club player who is a size 12 or 14. It was interesting looking around the crowd over the past 3 days. Mostly women in southern style clothing ( ie lots of sequins and sparkle and bright colours ) but normal body shape . Hardly anyone that you'd call fat but also hardly anyone with the body of a pro tennis player either. The only large person I spotted was the fellow who sat near us to operate the TV camera. Yet, we called into Walmart for supplies on the way home and amid the shoppers there we felt like skinny midgets


Thanks for all the updates Stella! Love the PICS! Enjoy the tournament.


Hi Stella, I was watching Caroline and
Wickmayer match. All through the match
I was scanning the stadium to spot you.
But the glare of Caroine's top blinded me
so I couldn't.Hehe!

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