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Not offered a wildcard! They should, imo, always be allocated to home players first and especially former champions. This is ridiculous and I'm sorry to hear it. I wonder what the top Spaniards think about this and Feli thinks about this? Nothing against Soderling or Tsonga who are hardly likely to refuse. I was unaware Fer didn't officially commit, but surely there must have been valid reasons for him not doing so, no player chooses to lose 500 points.. The guy has always been committed to DC of which Albert Costa is captain, so what gives? As I recall, something similar happened to either Juan Carlos or Moya in a Spanish event some years ago. What does Costa mean exactly, still welcome at the event, in what capacity may I ask? I'm behind Verdasco on this one.


Why wouldn't they give him a WC? Sounds fishy to me.
He's defending champion, he's a Spaniard and he's very popular. Doesn't sound right.


Ecactly, Sol. We don't know the full facts, but on the surface it makes no sense to me either. It would be like Queens Club not giving Murray a wildcard if he needed one. Barcelona's loss, Estoril's gain so they're probably pleased. If Verdasco wins the Estoril title, the most he can gain there are 250 points.


Jenny maybe FeVer is just trying to avoid Milos who's also playing Estoril:)


lol banti! Milos playing in Estoril? That means there might well be a clash on clay.

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