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thanks. That was good


The best one: "People in Libya want Moammar Gadhafi to leave. The problem is, he'll be replaced by his idiot son, Moammar W. Gadhafi." –David Letterman


yeah right up there at the top:)


Why has Federer revised the history of his rivalry with Nadal? How genuine is all the fuzziness? Is Nadal too polite to break off their off-court camaraderie? The more I think about it, the more imbalanced it seems. It's like Federer is trying to save face by saying that this rivalry (which he dismissed for years) is now a natural, healthy, and wonderful thing. One, it took him years to accept Nadal as a rival. Two, Nadal hasn't been his rival in years: he owns him. So what gives? Am I too cynical or is the fuzziness another attempt to manipulate an opponent and get inside their head?


"Am I too cynical?" Short answer, yes.


Yeah this is brilliant.


Gadhafi should be a formidable candidate for 2012, alas, he is not interested.


"Moammar W. Gadhafi" Priceless!!

These are so funny--many thanks, IB

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