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photos of you both to prove it please !!!


Stella, the long version of a short story is that I have to jump through a few dozen security hoops every year to keep my job, so I have to be very, very careful about pictures of myself on the internetz.

I want to go on the record extending my gratitude to a very persuasive Serran who, understanding such concerns, had his very charming brother take a shot of us for his phone but promise to keep it there and nowhere else.


Since Serran also said that people would ask about this very thing, LOL! -- what I did was propose that I take a picture of the two brothers together in the venue where we spent our very very nice evening (since they'd agreed I'd established minimum photography qualifications with my shots of Roger, LOL!), both so they could have a continuing record of their visit, which imo should be documented in any event since they're accumulating some amazing stories, and also so all on the Planet would be pleased. So IINM, that very photo resides in Serran's brother's phone as we speak.

I also must take and post a shot of the amazing shirt that Serran created and made the effort to bring over. Do you all remember when our Top Four did the paintball designs in London? Serran used those designs as a "shirt centerpiece" which also sports the bold "Tennisplanet.me" logo. It's just great. :-)

I am also so pleased for Serran and his brother, who are both serious Fedophiles, LOL, that Roger is continuing his fabulous run and that we were all able to set aside our anxieties about his match against Tsonga in the merriment of our evening. Ladies -- and gentlemen too, really -- I can assure you that if you would like a wonderful evening out on the town, these are definitely two of the gentlemen you want to have with you, because they do "life of the party" in this very smooth, polished way! :-D

(A peripheral point of discussion was why all we NYC-metro-area Planeteers haven't quite yet managed to gather together for an outing around the time of the US Open, TTBOMK. Being a New Yorker myself, of course, I understand how hard it is even to try to get out to see your neighbors, even if you went to school together and are best friends, LOL, since we're all always so busy ... perhaps that's a subject for another post next year ...?)


"short version of a long story" (though clearly I've had a long day, and that version wasn't even very short, LOL)


A delightful recap of an obviously delightful outing. Thanks!! But darnit M, I really thought we were going to see a photo of you!!.


OMG you're Michelle Obama, or maybe Mrs Hilary clinton or
"M" from the James Bond movies !!!!!


Maybe the CIA could do a chalk outline of you so we could imagine what you look like. Or you could have been in a disguise. Glad you guys met and had such a good time.


LOL, Stella!

I am not Mrs. Obama, because then I would be this cool



loved that ad she did with Steffi and Andre


Ricke, I think the CIA will only deign to do a chalk outline if you are dead.
Probably not even. You get a chalk outline with the FBI. With the CIA, you get a star on the wall, and that's only if your work was outstanding, and if the battle didn't occur on the wrong side of an enemy line. :-)

Haven't you seen 'Top Gun'? 'The Recruit'? I quote RDJ Jr. to you as the bad boy brother talking to sister Holly Hunter in 'Home for the Holidays' -- "You're not being an American!" LOL!


It's OK...NO photos allowed (*pout), but i DO imagine the fun in there!


"...his very charming brother take a shot of us for his phone but promise to keep it there and nowhere else." :-( :-( :-( M, are you TP's sister? ;-)

"I am also so pleased for Serran and his brother, who are both serious Fedophiles,..." :-) :-) :-) Vamos Roger!

"Serran used those designs as a "shirt centerpiece" which also sports the bold "Tennisplanet.me" logo. It's just great. :-)" :-) :-) :-) M please post a picture of the shirt! Serran could you please post the TP shirt jpg or png, (c) Serran? With this we can make our own freaking official TP shirts! :-) I'll add my aka name(s) LOL on it.

I think it's very special to meet other Planeteers in person! Must be as exciting as meeting the tennis GOAT.


Oh I found pictures of the shirt here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/analogsenses/sets/72157627582526458/ I like the green TP colors!

Two psd files of the shirt can be downloaded here: http://www.megaupload.com/?f=BO4C1GYB


This sounds very exciting indeed ! Even I was looking forward to the "hey we met" photo like everyone else :)

Maybe when I'll head down to NY to meet M while I'm visiting my friends in Phily or relatives in Maryland.

Serran, looks like you're psychic..I mean booking your return tix for Tue. Enjoy the rest of the tennis to be played

and fingers crossed that rain won't spoil it for you :)


Looks like you are having fun Serran.HaHa!I guess only way to get a glimpse of M is to visit NY. When I met with Jett it felt like we knew each other for ever.So now we have 6 people? M and Serren,Lucy and Blake, Jett and my self.


Haha, you're right guys, now you have another reason to visit NY!! Take my word for it, meeting M is one of the greatest things the city has to offer ;)

Xeres: funny you should say that, wait til you see the pics of the shirt, I really am psychic :P

RafaFan: thanks for pointing out the links, the psd can be edited and you can use them to print your own shirt if you want :)

Anyway, we are finally there! I'll be leaving for Flushing Meadows in an hour or so, you can expect more pics and comments throughout the day!

See you guys!!


RafaFan: here's a preview of the shirt, I hope you like it! http://www.flickr.com/photos/analogsenses/6132496875/

Can you guys identify who the four players are?? :) this was a premonition ;)

I'll upload the psd file when I'm back home, I don't have my laptop here with me.

Ok, I'm out of here guys, see you later!!

Go Roger!!


we'll look out for you on TV. Hope you're not in the top blue section of the stadium as we'll never see you up there.
Have a WONDERFUL time.

Go Roger


I'm already inside the complex. There's WiFi here so I'll be able to upload pictures to my Flickr as I take them. You can see them here:


Now let the tennis begin!


Didn't Sol and Bjorn meet?


We didn't, DSG.
But I would loooooove to meet you, mon petit lapin ;)


C'mon now M I am singing the Star Spangled Banner as we speak and I didn't even screw it up like Cyndi Lauper just did!!!!! Good Grief learn the words people.

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