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hired coach Roche to improve his chances on grass to win Wimbledon


developed a topspin backhand to kick up and keep opponents back deep .
somehoww I don't think these are what you're looking for though


hit the ball directly at his opponents if he got the chance.
That's it . Out of ideas


He had a court built at home that was exactly like the one at the US Open -- he then won the next three US Opens after losing in the final of the previous three


maybe that is it Chip . I'd heard he'd done that but never really thought that it could have such an important result. While you can copy the surface and dimensions of runback etc you cannot replicate the feel of a stadium compared with an open air court. There is different wind swirl patterns in a stadium that you don't get in your back yard., different noise as you hit the ball in the bowl of a stadium. you also couldn't duplicate the way the court wears during the event

Nelson Goodman

Agreed on the wind, etc. factors Stella, but it was the case that whenever the US Open courts got resurfaced, Lendl had the same company do his Deco-turf court over in the same way. Now that doesn't address the wear during the 2-weeks of slam play but it is the case that Ivan was practicing on the closest facsimile to the court as it was on Day 1 of the slam.


Ya, you can't perfectly replicate conditions but he tried to get it as close as possible.

Lendl was a pioneer for may things -- the fitness regime and diet, hiring a coach specifically to deal with one surface (grass) or one player (McEnroe) but all that has been done by others.

That said, not sure this is the answer. TP's mind works in strange ways.


The short shorts.

David Locke

Lendl also did this with a grass court at his home and unfortunately could not produce the same result at Wimbledon.

David Locke

I think it was becoming a US citizen, as the most successes in major tournaments are by US players. That closely followed by his massive sponsorship deal with Mizuno.


how about this as a suggestion --- he travelled with his own personal chef to make sure he ate for optimal preformance . Jason goodall just mentioned that Lendl did this ( while commentating the Nole v Berdy match )


I think it must be what Chip said. He hired the folks who had built the USOpen court to build an identical one for him in his backyard, just one week after they finished the jobs for Flushing Meadow, so they wont forget how the built it.


Learn to VOLLEY!


The Sawdust in the Pocket to keep his grip dry?


I think we have a winner...!




He moved to golf.


I was at a painfully boring seminar today and in the middle of it decided to turn my mind to this question in order to help me stay at least half-awake.

So here is what I came up with.

Stella was close with her hitting the ball directly at opponents comment, but it is what that act represented and the player who was on the receiving end of it that I am guessing is at the bottom of TP's thinking here.

The hitting of the ball made Ivan's open hostility towards Johnny Mac, "conspicuous." So my guess is that displaying an open hostility towards your main rival is the answer here. Noone has really done it since (Edberg and Becker always were very gentlemanly towards one another, Sampras and Agassi only started to have some problems after retirement, and Fed and Nadal are practically engaged).

But the open hostility thing was done a bit before (or about the same time) with Connors-Mac in particular, so unless TP somehow distinguishes their situation, maybe this isn't the answer.

Anyway, all this thought is probably for not as the buidling of the US Open court thing is likely the answer. But thinking about it helped me today, so thank you TP-san.


He got FIT!


I think we all got it right. It was a complete pacgage to make him win --- but he still didn't win Wimby.

Glad it kept you awake Andy. Things like that keep me awake at night

Tennis Planet



well done Chip.
But beg to differ TP. Putting in a court only helped his US Open results, not his future career . He had a grass court put in too and never won Wimby even though he was desperate to do so. Perhaps more desperate to win on grass than on hard


I think that both TP and Chip'n'putt have committed the same logical fallacy here: "Post hoc ergo propter hoc". In other words: "B happened after A, therefore A is the cause of B".

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