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Boris Becker 19

Life In Mono

Further to the above by Veglia, the apparent breakdown of these 19 wins is:

Boris Becker had 19 wins over the #1 player in the world(at time of match) from 1986-1996

Lendl (7 times)

I suppose one would never find the likes of Fed, Connors, Sampras etc. on this list as they spent a massive portion of the careers at #1. Strangely for all his talent, Becker only spent 12 weeks at #1.

Life In Mono

And to prevent the blogger from making this same question about the ladies game (pffffft... hahahaha, sure.. as this blog is not truly a "tennis" one, rather mostly men's tour focused with a few scant photos here and there of WTA players), the female who holds the equivalent record for most wins over a #1 player is - suprisingly - Martina Navratilova with 18.

Tennis Planet



Thanks TP, although I have to say this was as simple as highlighting the text, right click and search. It is much more interesting when we try to 'read' your mind.


TP, please update the Wall of Fame page, very important to me :) I need something to tell my grandkids about! Cannot wait for the next one.

Tennis Planet


It's updated. This was 'honorable mention' contest. Your name's in there.


Thanks, everything counts. Honorable mention is like the WTF (World Tour Finals), doesn't really matter but is a nice argument when you need it.

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