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TWO very possible reasons:

1. Players are inspired by Rosol's performance, which proves that the big three are only human and very beatable.

2. Rafa's exit has cleared the draw and significantly boosted Fed and Nole's chances to win this title, Fed and Nole inevitably think far ahead and may want conserve some energy for the semifinals and finals, and hence almost overlooked the current hurtle.


1. Shock after Rafa's defeat for Federer and Djokovic - no Nadal in the final!(Federer was taken to 5 sets by Haas in 2009 RG the very next day after Nadal lost to Soderling)
2. For Stepanek and Benneteau - if Rosol could beat Nadal (!) being ATP100+, surely we can do it with Federer and Djokovic.


3. If Nadal, of all the people, could lost in the second round of Wimbledon, we could be out in round three.


1. Nadal's exit made them look ahead, so lacked focus early.
2. Roof was closed which changed how the court was playing and so it took time to adjust.


1. thought " oh God, now I could win this "

2 thought " oh god , if Rossol could beat Nadal then my opponent could beat me "


Just tuning in to find out Roger was down two sets to come backk and win:))) I'll add to the above and say both have no reason to showcase their current form from the get go (counting bread sticks or bagels at this point serves no purpose), as a result they both took their foot off the pedal. On the tour (esp. on grass) just the slightest dip in motivation = putting yourself in an unnecessary bind. Their both trying to peak for that semi, slowly but surely, in disguise if possible.

Wow wish we could reshuffle the draw at this point, to make the championships a bit more entertaining.


Agree with all the above.
Semis might be: Tsonga v Del Potro/Murray on one side, and Federer/Djokovic on the other.
Other than the obvious, a Djokovic/DelPo final would be interesting.

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Well done, O.! Congrats!


Well encapsulated...good one O

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