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I have so many memories of her smoking furiously while watching his matches. I always wondered what happened to her.


What's wrong with her eyebrow I wonder?


It was the fashion to pluck like that in those days.


I aiways wonder how he married with this ugly woman, she looks so older and had a bad expression in her face, like she is always frustrated, she has a face of a bad human being. I don't know how is she like a human being, but her face is bitter.


Was just surfing around and ended up here reading about Mariana.
It should be interesting for you to know that she was a very sweet and warm person through all the years I knew her! She was not bitter ,only very,very nervous when Bjorn played.
I know her since she was 16. Very warm and friendly person!

B. Nilsson

Marcela, you don't know, what you are talking about ! She is a super-nice woman. Probably a more human being than you seems to be.... obviously !!

Aschara Moranon

I met Marina briefly at Federation Cups 1979. I have a picture standing next to her. She was and probably still is a very sweet person. As for her beauty. I think she's very beautiful. In side and out😀

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