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I will give benefit of doubt this time. He clearly lost the last game because of leg issues. whether cramping should be allowed a MTO is a different issue altogether.


He clearly had leg issues because he was clearly demonstrating them.
I'm not saying he was faking it.
I'm saying he made sure everybody saw that he had leg issues.
What will this do to the rankings, by the way?


Why doesn't Murray just hit first serves when serving for the match at 40-0?


Well Done to Andy Murray! An Olympic Champion and now a Major Winner! Been a while coming but certainly well deserved!

just me

the sun never sets on the british empire!


It's kinda cool that each one of the top four won a major this year.
So, again, does anyone know what this does to the rankings?

Tennis Planet

Murray's first thought: "If this is what it takes then Federer has won 17 of these"?


On rankings, Fed stays #1. Would have stayed #1 even if Nole had won today but now he has a better chance of staying #1 at the end of the year. Djokovic is #1 and Murray is #3. Rafa is #4.


Congratulations, well deserved Andy and now I think world #3.


Two very classy speeches. Thank goodness Murray is not crying.


Murray's in shell shock




thx chip


....but that's more endearing than some over the top exhibition....


Sort of odd emotions for me watching this match. Reluctantly pulled for Andy throughout most of it but was sorry Nole lost and didn't even watch the awards presentation. I think at heart I like a very aggressive player rather than a superb retriever win. The way Andy plays, I still don't think he can beat the top three when they're at the top of their game. But I'm happy for my British friends and wonder if their banging garbage cans together across the Atlantic. Actually I AM fairly happy for Andy as well. I told you I had odd emotions here!


No worries, Bettyjane, even MURRAY has odd emotions after this match.
And if they're banging anything in Britain, I suspect it'll be dustbin lids. :-)
Yeah, Djokovic was kind of off his game tonight.


Feel very happy to see someone who has worked sooooo hard to win a grandslam has succeeded. It feels like a life's lesson - never give up, try try try till you achieve -
imagine the horror he and his camp would have gone through if he had lost this leading 2 sets to love - it would have been unbearable torture for his entire life

read this somewhere...looks like a happy ending to everyone this year :)
djoker won 1st slam of this year ranked no.1
nadal won 2nd slam of this year ranked no.2
fed won 3rd slam of this year ranked no.3
murray won 4th slam of this year ranked no.4


So correct me if I'm wrong, but by my calculation,
both Murray and Djokovic were in three major finals this year (and each won one and lost two),
while Nadal and Federer were each in one major final that they won.
Yeah, that's eight slots, so that should be right.
That kind of interestingly sums up the current state of men's tennis right there, don't you think? :-)


I'm generally a Nole fan and not a Murray fan but this time round i was cheering for Andy. It was a good match IMO. I'm exhausted.
Definitely a low key celebration and ceremony -- no shirt ripping or falling on the court --- nice to see .

Now that the comms can't continually harp on the fact that the Brit haven't won in a zillion years what will they go on about now.?

Gary Moser

Correction of your wrongfulness:

AO: Djokovic d. Nadal
FO: Nadal d. Djokovic
W: Federer d. Murray
USO: Murray d. Djokovic


Djokovic 1 for 3
Nadal 1 for 2
Murray 1 for 2
Federer 1 for 1


Few more comments from final
1. murray forgot to do a 2 finger salute to thank heavens today once he reached his ultimate goal, just like how people tend to pray to God while they struggle to reach something and forget him once you got what you wanted
2. djoker should have kept it to 1 break down, there was high chance murray would have crumbled while serving for the match, so murray didn't really get tested well at the end
3. Murray won his first grandslam which is good, but I don't see him (or like to see him) winning more slams with that sort of game
4. us open desperately needs to resolve these issues with weather and scheduling
5. It is not without reason that everyone unanimously agrees that no. of slams is the biggest deal in tennis. I didn't understand it when I was new to tennis, but boy..I must say winning semis/finals of a grand slams are very very tough proposition. Winning grandslam IS THE REAL DEAL!!
6. Djoker was not very outgoing in generosity towards the winner like he normally is..surely upset by his own play in 5th set when he had him on the ropes


Hard fought final. Congrats to Andy and Novak. I must admit I thought Andy would kind of be an emotional wreck. His response was confusing to me. It almost looked like he was cramping or in pain himself. He certainly didn't jump around like Serena. The Brits must be more civilized. LOL


Congrats Andy! Congrats Britain! :) It may have took a shock withdrawal and an unexpected loss by 2/3 of the big 3 for this title to fall in your hands but well deserved, no doubt of that. i suspect he'll win a few more (most likely here again or at Wimbi), unless the other 3 respond in some way... Theory to win: Bond knowing very well why his fellow Scot was not pulling through, distracted Judy enough at the opportune times to give Andy the emotional freedom to play his own game;)

Chicago fan

Congratulations, Andy!

Although I don't usually root for either of them, I wanted Andy to win. He had always been a tennis bridesmaid, and it was nice to see him break through. Novak played well for sets 1, 3, and 4, but kept fighting, so full credit to him.

Although I always root for Roger and Rafa, how great is it that all four Slams are held by different players?

Chicago fan

On a somewhat related note, Jon Wertheim has his "50 parting shots" article on SI.com:


From that article:

"Great tournament and all, but it didn't feel 100 percent complete without Rafael Nadal. I spoke with his camp who claims he's now targeting Rio in 2016 as a stop date. Not sure if this should make us happy or sad."


Updated rankings:



One interesting thing here is the number of tournaments played over the last 12 months. Tipsarevic is the most active with 29 tournaments -- probably a bit too much for a guy who expects to go at least a little deep in each tournament. Djokovic has the least number but it may have something to do with him taking it easy after the USO last year. If Nadal has not been out for the last 2 months and at least 3, if not 4, tournaments he'd have the highest number of the top 4. .


I think 29 is too many, especially if playing Davis Cup and the Olympics.


US Open has now 5 different champions in last 5 years.


Andy's victory made front page and TV news in the UK. They were all celebrating wildly in Dunblane. Big news is transient though, William and Kate's official trip to Singapore and a terrible coach crash in the night have taken over the headlines.


LOL Another one who couldn't find his expensive watch!

Had to smile at Bettyjane and Rick about banging our dustbin lids, although we don't have the traditional metal dustbins from many years ago, ours are the quieter black plastic variety which were provided by the council, they could be clipped onto the dustcart hydraulic lift, tipped over and emptied into the rest of the rubbish. We're big into recycling here, cans, bottles, jars, fizzy drink bottles, packaging, paper, cardboard, this results in less full dustbins, recycling boxes supplied by the council which are emptied separately. lol just my bit of trivia for the day!


Thanks Jenny..
wow..that was a very elaborate coverage by www.dailymail.co.uk


Oh duh, of course, the exhausting-to-watch marathon I refused to watch the final set of.
Thanks for the correction, Gary, I was on drugs (figuratively speaking).


Hey Jenny, from your description it sounds like we have the exact same black plastic bins here, at least in California, but we still call them garbage cans (or I guess bins, since I just did -- and the recycling bins are definitely called bins), while you still call them dustbins. And "dustcart" sounds pretty amusing to American ears because it sounds so genteel, like a tea cart, or the carts that maids use to clean rooms in hotels (which I suppose are trolleys for you). Here it's just the good old garbage truck.


Good Lord, I couldn't even finish it -- the slobbering got a bit excessive. :-)

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