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Raj, your accomplishments in marathons are impressive. Congrats. And a pat on TP's back for entering you in the Hall of Fame. Gary, too!

Gary Moser

Thanks, Murph!

Gary Moser

Hey, Raj.....very impressive, indeed!

My envy is three-fold: your BQ, your sub-3:00,
and your Ultra [ I may have to try one of those
some day, since I've always had a lot more stamina
than outright speed ].


Raj, congratulations on both feats: Wall of Fame and marathons!


Hi Raj! You and Gary put me to shame, respect. Congrats and welcome to the Hall of Fame.


I used to enjoy playing tennis before I became a serious long distance runner and now I can't do either because of bad knees. As you probably know I am a huge tennis fan and follower and a die hard RF fan. I frequent this forum on a regular basis, first thing in the morning everyday, and look forward to all your comments. I would like to go to Wimbledon someday while Federer is still playing. That would be a dream come true!


I ran the ultra by accident. I didn't plan on it or train for it but my running buddies wanted it bad and I just went along and while there, at the last minute, they coaxed me in to doing it. It wasn't all that bad because you approach it differently than a marathon. Endurance is the key. Like you, I had stamina not speed. If I had to do it over I probably won't do it as it is only good for your ego and not for your body!


Thank you Raj, you're very kind. I'm always aware of your presence here which is nice. I used to heavy duty sea swim, but not able to do so now. Just take care of those knees, watch others slogging it out from the comfort of your sofa, just like I do! Come to Wimbledon and realise your dream, bring an umbrella and a mac!


Now wait a minute!!! Wall of Fame status for marathon runners.......when did this happen? I know I have been busy this summer and I have not been on this site as often as I used to be, but c'mon!!! Surely this is not fair to the the elderly and somewhat heavier than we were in our 20's crowd. I could maybe run two miles chasing down the ice cream truck for my grand kids! How about that!? LOL! Seriously, congrats to you both. Quite the accomplishments.

Gary Moser

[ Me, channeling Homer Simpson... ]

"Mmmmmm-m-m-m. I-c-e C-r-e-a-m!!!"

Thanks, Ricke!


I hear you Ricke! I'm a 51-year-old who gets a big ego after walking 30 minutes on a treadmill. This humbled me BIG time!

This is an amazing group of people and I cannot ever imagine running that long. The arms of marathoners frighten me as much as anything.

Congrats to Raj as well.


Oh boy! Do I feel inadequate! Here I sit in my shop every day and I can't even force myself to rest my eyes for 10 seconds after each 15 minutes on the computer... I am becoming a slug...

Congrats, Raj on your accomplishments


Jenny, why a mac? You lost me there.


she means a raincoat Raj (macintosh), not an Apple computer.


Hi Raj you too deserve the Wall of Fame entry! Congratulations! :-)


Raj - a raincoat. Mac - short for Macintosh.


hey Raj. Well done.


Congrats Raj (And Gary). And Raj, I am over sixty and at best walk three miles on a nice weather day and love tennis. One dream I share with you is to watch RF in Wimbledon. I have seen him umpteen times in USO, Cincy and Miami and once in FO. Trouble is, he loses when I watch him live and wins when I can not watch him even on TV but only follow on the net. So, good luck, and enjoy W and hope you don't see me there in the interest of Roger!

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