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God they were boring to watch. Each of their games were limited to certain skill sets, any of the big 4 in today's game would feast on these weaknesses in my opinion. Their completely in a different tier.


Ha. I just came in here to post that, as predictable as they were, I'd far rather watch this than, say, the 2012 Australian Open final (which I simply refused to watch the last set of).


Banti... totally disagree. Sampras is serving and volleying, Agassi is standing close to the baseline, taking the ball early and trying to trying to hurry Sampras. Great contrast in style, \ great match. You find Nadal and Murray and Djokovic more exciting than Pete? What exactly do they do that I've been missing so far? And which weakness are you referring to that the top-4 would exploit?


I agree with Chip ... & Banti (almost). Exciting match, for sure. But if Federer and/or Djokovic were playing anywhere near their top form, they would probably beat either of these men in straight sets. I believe firmly that after the passing of 10 years, we can't compare the games. What was Sampras serving? Mid-120's? In this match, he was painting lines... no one could have returned lots of those. But he can't do that all the time. Then his volley... ah... his volley. Gorgeous. But you know why tennis players don't serve and volley much any more? Cuz it's not fun to watch balls sail by. And LOTS of people can pass really well. I think if Pete were playing today he would come in on only his very best serves. Take that away from him... hmmmmmmm. Say good-bye to a bunch of those 14. Weaknesses in the ground game? Maybe not so much. But I agree with Banti that they are playing at a different level. Outside of the Sampras serve, I don't see either of these guys possessing weapons that consistently hurt Fed or DJ. So then it's just a matter of time until Fed or DJ just out power or out finesse them. Murray, I think would win most matches against either Sampras or Agassi. Nadal? On hard court... dunno... If Nadal was playing the way he played when he won the US Open, it wouldn't be close. And Nadal vs. Sampras on clay? Uh... If I were Pete, I'd call in sick. Or start rumors of my death... ANYTHING.


Sperry, you can't compare absolute levels . Sampras/Agassi played before Luxilon or the "poly" string took over.

If you want apples to apples, give them the same strings, In other words, take away the spin and bounce of Nadal's shot. Now, Nadal vs Sampras on a hard court. Which one calls in sick?


Completely agree.

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