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I do!

Almost all the Nadal fans I personally know DO NOT actually watch or care about tennis! They just like him for different reasons: my brother like him because he's a crazy Real Madrid fan (and he knows Nadal is also a RM fan), my cousin likes him for his buffed up muscles, her sister likes him because he's Spanish and she likes everything Spanish, my colleague likes him because he beat Federer a lot, although he never watched any of their matches and just read about that in the news, etc etc etc!


*negated by numbers claiming an almost equal share of the pie.*

If you're talking about the facebook fanpage where both athletes have an almost equal share of fans (I think the old man is ahead by a 1000 or so fans) you should know that about 80% of the Nadal fans are Spanish or, well, people who are somehow acquainted with the spanish language.
I've seen Fed winning overwhelmingly on anything related with voting for favorite tennis players on basically ANY website.
Face it, people love Fed and people hate Nadal. People would much rather see someone like Djokovic break the old man's record than Rafa. Its because they know deep down Rafa is nothing more than a clay court specialist who has had his ride on luck winning everywhere else not called clay.


"Its because they know deep down Rafa is nothing more than a clay court specialist who has had his ride on luck winning everywhere else not called clay"

Sorry, but I strongly disagree, Axl. You should know luck can only take a player so far and they've all had their share of it. Also Nadal is very popular in the UK, as well as Fed, that is a fact, but the folk I know don't link into tennis sites, social networks, or press vote buttons, but they do watch tennis and are knowleageable. There are very few "clay court specialists" these days, most who were born to it or like playing on clay are complete players or they would have been left behind long ago. I've always admired Roddick, but why do you think he's out of the top 10? Ferrero and Moya were regarded as clay court specialists, but they too came out of their comfort zone of clay even before Nadal.


I don't know if I speak for a lot of Federer fans but I come back when he's doing well because I spend ages looking for articles on Federer and most are just rehashes of the final not analysis. TP is opinionated which is cool and as insightful as many pundits.

But when Fed is doing poorly TP is more likely to notice that Federer wrinkled his eyebrow during a point and declare, "IF ANY OF YOU FREAKS STILL DOUBTED THAT FEDERER IS THE BIGGEST VILLAIN IN THE HISTORY OF ALL OF SPORTS THEN THIS IS THE FINAL NAIL IN THE FREAKING COFFIN!!"

Which I find tiresome and drift away for a while.

Ahmer yar

Several Nadal fans can't digest Roger's greatness or Novak supremacy from inside,We Federer fans never hates Nadal ,in reaction of some insane Nadal fans who behaves & shows so intolerable attitude so we have to reply rock solid hard to restrict their any further hate gestures.We respect Nadal but the problem are their some ill mindset evil fans ,but when Nole started to beat Nadal when no one can expect those 7 Major finals in a row 4 Masters & 23 Grand slams Rafa fans treated Nole same like Roger,Nole out played both Roger & Specially Nadl at all surfaces ,Nole dictated Nadal to play at his terms over his favourite Clay stronghold sufferance & even at grass,Where on other side Roger couldn't be easy dish for Novak in 2011.I will ask when Nadal 's decline will start(which is natural)Roger has passed his prime I will wait when Nadal will face that phase ulimately then I will ask & see those Nadal fans tolerance & delicacy.


I hadn't thought about Haya's arguments that people like Nadal for random reasons that have nothing to do with his tennis, but I actually think there's some truth in that. Even though my female friends generally find Federer more attractive than Nadal, they are all more wowed about Nadal's muscles and butt than any of Fed's physical attributes... so that must count for something! :)

But overall, I think Fed is a more likeable guy. He cracks jokes, he cries, he makes funny commercials, he has insightful interviews, he's adored by several players and has won multiple awards to show it, he is loving and caring of his daughters and wife, and keeps winning in spite of his other commitments like his family and his foundation, etc.

Nadal, on the other hand, is just awkward. He is not a bad guy, not at all... but he struggles to communicate, even in Spanish... he hangs out with some of the Spanish and Latin American players (like Monaco, Ferrer, etc.) but they don't seem to adore him the way, say, Tsonga or Del Potro express their likability of Federer's, etc. His on-court routine and nervous? tics annoy many people, his interviews are not precisely insightful (he just says "I have to play my best tennis" and things like that...

I once read this article: http://sports.ndtv.com/tennis/news/item/187236-roger-federer-remains-the-most-popular-tennis-player

and I kind of agree with what the guy says. I think that perhaps the most telling fact is that, in spite of having won Roland Garros so many times, when Nadal plays there he doesn't get as much support as Fed does RIGHT THERE... Compare it with the support Fed gets at Wimby, USO, AO... or even the Masters events, and you'd be hardly pressed to find ONE event where Nadal gets more support. Maybe Barcelona or Madrid? I'm not 100% sure but that would probably be about it.


Although I AM on Federer's payroll, I actually love both of them They have charisma. I am looking for the next player to come along with that certain something, like Nadal and Federer have but so far I haven't seen it.

Woe is me.


Think Djoko has it. Too bad the other two still play well.


Because Nadal winning = Fed not winning, and this result is usually accompanied by Fed-bashing which stirs the hearts of us freaks (whether we be Fed freaks or Rafa freaks) more than anything else.

When Fed doesn't win, the Rafa freaks (and Borg freaks for that matter) question the labelling of Fed as the GOAT the most. That's a great traffic generator right there TP, as Fed fans like this freak get drawn into debates about H2Hs, the meaning of "dominance" and the so-called "weak era" (by the way, on that note, except for the FO, Fed is now on par with Rafa in the so-called "strong era" in terms of major titles).

It's part of the "monster" Fed said he created. Him NOT winning is much much bigger news than him winning. Rafa not winning on clay, especially the French, is huge news, sure, and bound to create lots of traffic for you if it happens again. But not winning elsewhere? Not so big news actually, relatively speaking. Even this Rafa news now about the injury and the pullouts. Sure it's somewhat big news, but can you imagine how HUGE it would have been if Fed would have pulled out of majors when he was Rafa's age. There would be way more coverage and analysis about it.


"Why is there a bump in traffic (at least at this weird site) every time Federer wins and not so much when Nadal does?"

Perhaps because, as the vast majority of participants (at least at this weird, and in many ways so much fun and so pleasantly different, tennis site), each and all in his/her own way, have claimed loud and clear over the past couple of days, "this is King Fed's place", and exclusively "King Fed's place".

Hence, lots of ecstasy/joy/celebration when Federer wins, which is perfectly fine, and very little, if any, when Nadal does.

Fair enough, I guess, once this "per se" englobe-it-all definition (at least at this weird, and in many ways so much fun and so pleasantly different, tennis site), is fully grasped and serenely accepted by the participants. What's a bit unfortunate perhaps is that such compulsory englobe-it-all definition leaves no room whatsoever for those weirdos like me who are simply tennis freaks, nothing more, nothing less.

As an aside, perhaps a bit sad that the "monster" Federer said he created may have also created the "monster" Nadal has been perceived to be and, by the same token, the "monsters" both hard-core Federer freaks and hard-core Nadal freaks may have become over time.

Needless to say, imo, nothing more, nothing less. I've finally fully grasped the compulsory englobe-it-all definition here, but do prefer to simply remain a tennis freak. Also needless to say, sorry for any inconvenience I may have inadvertly caused (at least at this weird, and in many ways so much fun and so pleasantly different, tennis site).

Enjoy the USO 2012! I certainly will, regardless of the specific players who will be taking the various titles at the much anticipated last GS tournament of the 2012 season (men's and women's, in singles, doubles and mixed doubles).


Well said, Enzo. I'm a Fed fan, but I've always believed that no one great champion is bigger than the game itself. I enjoy watching other players, different styles including the odd diva tantrum. Love the unique whacky TP, his pics, variety of subjects, even those dreaded surveys he manages to dig up, the current posters and their input. That said and with respect, I really don't want this site to become an extension of RF.com., I've always said that. I want fans of other players [I know they're out there somewhere] to visit and feel comfortable enough to stay and contribute in a positive respectful manner without fear of being beaten up. I really miss some posters who haven't been around as they used to. eg Tennisplanet - "Official Freaking Site Of Tennis Freaking Fans Worldwide - since 2006"


It seems I totally misread (failed to read) this question. My apologies.


not sure that the " bump ' is related to who won but perhaps after watching and commenting for a event people need a break. With RG, Wimby, Olympics, TO and Cincy it's been pretty non stop. People need to get back to the regular stuff like buying groceries, laundry, taking a vacation, going to work. etc.

perhaps also the fact is that Fed has won more events than Rafa recently so after the event when we come up for air the chances are that Fed had won it rather than Rafa .

also I notice that TP goes AWOL a few days before an event and for a few days after --- travelling perhaps ??

For me the Fed v Rafa issue is that I just like Fed's style of play and not Rafa's. Shots he played in Cincy he was like a magician with his racquet. My faves over the years as regulars to this site know are Edberg, Rafter, Henman the Aussies Newcombe etc, rather than the bashers whose prime tactic was to wear the opponent down rather than anything else. for this reason I never enjoyed Agassi. The one exception was Muster. I admired his hustle from the moment he set foot on the court.

On a different topic -- did anyone notice that some in the Cincy crowd were wearing t shirts that said " stop the screaming " I sat at an Azarenka match a few years ago and had to leave it was so bad .

For the USO I'm wishing for a Fed v Milos final with Milos winning in 4. Keep dreaming !!!


"did anyone notice that some in the Cincy crowd were wearing t shirts that said " stop the screaming "

To be honest, I didn't watch very much Cincy so I didn't know about the t-shirts, but they're right, WTA players screaming like a banshee can be unbearable even listening on TV so can't imagine what it must be like sitting courtside.

I try to comment when I can, but as Stella rightly says, regular stuff has to be done. As with Stella's view on Muster, I felt the same about the feisty Hewitt.


You are right Axel Rose and btw Rafa's era is a weak one with an old cry baby from Switzerland who got his titles by accident! ;-)


Orale Adrian you hit the nail! Nadal is kind of one dimensional whereas Federer is a cosmompolitan! He seems to be great at everything.


Agree with you Jenny! I miss i.e. Sol, Chieko et.al. Let's hope they are fine! As far as I know both experienced quite a change in their life and I think that they don't want to share it with this freaking tennisblog.


"Nadal fans lack access to a computer? Live on islands? Are all Mowglis?

Some of them live in basements with inflatable dolls! ;-)


That is funny. Brightens up the day.

For the main article, I would say supernova burns brightest at the end and we are seeing the end of King Fed. To me any win, any match, any headline while He is still in play is cause for enjoyment and escaping real life problems for that moment.


nice analogy Nick. Let's hope it burns for a long while yet. I'm not ready to see him go.

Neeraj Shah

TP, I am sure your website will shut down few months after Roger retires :P

Infact the whole viewership of Tennis will go down once Federer retires unless he comes in the royal box to watch every tennis match :))


You are actually talking only about this site only.This was and is a Federer fan`s site.There will be no traffic in this site ,once Federer retires.Some Federer fans are telling that Nadal`s fans are only casual fans.It is absolutely rubbish.But in another aspect,it shows that Nadal attracts many casul fans to tennis,who would have never been interested in tennis otherwise.Nadal is a great asset for tennis in bringing new fans.Another thing is to make unsubstantiated rubbish claims that Nadal only has spanish fans.Nothing is more further than that.Nadal has fans all over the world.I can definitely say that in India,Nadal has a huge fan base.


Yes, RafaFan and Jenny! I agree! Where ARE Chieko, Sol, etc.?? The FOUNDERS of this site! :)


Bobby, it's OK if you don't agree with those claims, but there's no need to label it as rubbish. I'm trying to give you evidence. And I (as well as other people making those claims) never implied that Nadal DOES NOT have any fans elsewhere or that Nadal's fans are not tennis freaks. I'm simply making a statement about my perception of what THE MAJORITY of people seem to do or say. Like that link I posted above, many pundits have said similar things including, say, Bodo and Tignor. I have never been to a tennis match where Nadal and/or Federer have been involved in Spain or Switzerland, but I've been to several of these matches over the years in several places in Europe and in the U.S., and what I have seen is precisely that Fed gets some crazy support everywhere. Nadal does get SOME support, especially from the Spanish and Latin American crowd, but the level of support doesn't seem to be anywhere near what Federer gets. That's all.


Being a fan somtimes destorts a person`s perception.It`s effects are mostly seen in Federer fans.

Gary Moser

"Some Federer fans are telling that
Nadal`s fans are only casual fans.
It is absolutely rubbish.

But in another aspect,it shows that Nadal
attracts many casul fans to tennis,
who would have never been interested
in tennis otherwise."
So.....that would make the claim
only PARTIALLY rubbish, wouldn't it?

Jesus H, I love it when people
blatantly contradict themselves
within 3 consecutive sentences.
It makes it so easy to spot! :->


Well, Nadal has more than 10 million fans on facebook alone.Yes i agree that many must be from latin american countries also.But more than half of the fans are generously distributed among countries from varied geographic and cultural regions.But Fed fanatics has tunnel vision where they see Federer as the only one who exists.

Gary Moser

"But Fed fanatics has tunnel vision where
they see Federer as the only one who exists.
Only in the context of the GOAT DISCUSSION, Bobby.

Of course, if Nadal has 5 more years
comparable to the 5 he's just had,
I'll be more than willing to re-evaluate.
That's fair, isn't it?

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