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Jenny, don't know where you found these, but they're a hoot. LOL!!


And you know the really sad thing is these comments are undoubtedly TRUE. (I know when I go out for Indian I invariably hear some moron telling the waiter that they dislike spicy food.)

Thanks for this!


You're right! I've heard some unbelievable comments from tourists when I've travelled abroad - specifically eateries in Spain and France, it's embarrassing. Also some tourists with a Celtic complexion who stagger off the Costa or Mallorca beaches after a long lay out looking like cooked lobsters or shrimps and then having to get treated in the local hospitals, fortunately the staff don't need the language to know what the painful problem is! Mind you, I could forgive one of our elderly gents mistaking a bidet for a footbath in a Paris hotel!


When reading the headline and before I read the post, I thought there'd been some eavesdropping on guest complaints during the U.S. Open season. Because I certainly heard some doozies. :-)

P.S. #19 is killing me. Killing me. Wait till they check their map and figure out where they are, LOL.

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