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Thank God for people like these dedicated to educating the masses. Did they say that numbers had fallen from 450,000 to 20,000? He did say that it was possible that we were witnessing the last few generations of lions. (He might have been referring to just the area he was in... I don't know.) Amazing footage. Amazing.


Totally agree. I want to see wildlife living in the wild and not in zoos or theme parks, no matter how good some of them may be, or stuffed on display in a natural history museum. Killing animals for their horn, tusks, pelt, trohies is abhorrant to me and very unnecessary in a civilised society. Because once these creatures are gone, they're gone.

Many international conservation groups are doing their bit to re-introduce many big cats back into the wild or safe areas in their native lands but sophisticated poaching and funding wardens to fight these creeps is a neverending problem.


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