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It was all rather unfortunate. If a player complains of chest pain or breathing difficulties for whatever reason, the doc/trainer can't just tell a player to get a grip, they have to take it seriously or they and the tournament would be in big trouble if a tragedy were to happen.


Cheaterwhoever way to go. It is WTA's fault. If they set up this rule, it will be abused. For sure.
Carry on cheating Vika. You know you did. They can do nothing about it. Yes grunt and cheat grunt and cheat, cath me if you can. ha ha ha


So, as it stands now, anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by the moment... feeling like they are about to choke big time... can say, "hey... I think I'm having heart palpitations," and take ten to calm down. No. Wrong. But.... how to prevent it? I think we have to allow trainers to come on court briefly for all the little stuff... re-taping, blisters, etc. (I would probably be opposed to that... but who loses if we take THAT away? Fans who spent a bundle to watch 3 games and a the players walking off. TV stations that need to fill a slot. No... can't eliminate all medical intervention.) If the whole MT thing gets too crazy, fans are going to decide that paying to watch tennis is just silly. So, what to do? Irony: Look at the fights that have started over taking 5 or 10 seconds too long to serve. Now players are probably going to start to take ten minutes. Or at least Vika will. Why not, after all?


Imo, if a player complains about chest pains, palpitations, breathing difficulties etc., and they feel the need to call the doc/trainer, [certainly a 10 min assessment off court is excessive and unfair to the opponent] I think the player must deemed to be unfit by the medics to continue and compelled to retire, even if it's a panic attack, that way the medics and tournaments are covered. I'm not saying it will eliminate abuse of the rules, but it might make the player think again in these cases. I'm fine with taping or regular treatment within the 3 min MTO. Li Na banged the back of her head when she fell, was examined by the doc on court, so there was obviously no player abuse/gamesmanship there.


Yeah... good points. So... following up on your idea (I think)... a medic comes out, checks for X, Y, and Z. Assuming it's all negative, the medic tells the player: "I don't know how you feel, and I can't guarentee you are 100% healthy, or that you should continue... but you are negative for X, Y, and Z. Now... it's your call... continue or retire." (Of course... the lawyers have to do battle over the wording...lol... what a society we live in.)


In the UK if a hospital patient chooses to discharge themselves against doctors' advice, it's their call if they're compos mentis, but they have to sign a legal disclaimer which takes a matter of seconds.


Very good statements Jenny. Just want to add, if players really want a 10 minute break then be ready to give up a couple of games. Let's see how many would want to do. Games given >= 2 or else they can always take break on someone else's service


Good point Nick. The majority don't abuse the system and the spirit of the game, but something needs to be done to tighten up these loopholes for those that are inclined to do so.


I am not defending Azarenka for it was gamesmanship at its worst. BUT... she is not the person who have taken a fake MTO. Her problem came because she pretty much acknowledged doing so. Is it better to take a fake MTO and then tell the truth about it or take a fake MTO and then keep lying about it? Logically speaking, the first person commits one "crime" (fake MTO) while the second person commits two "crimes" (fake MTO and then tells lies).


I will always give a player the benefit of the doubt when it come to health. However, I have seen some trainer call outs when I have been suspicious of an honourable motive. Let's hope that Azarenka has learned a lesson.


Second sentence is supposed to be: "BUT... she is not the FIRST person who have taken a fake MTO"


Chip... Not the first, won't be the last. From the perspective of the fan, and the sport in general, the real culprits are those that make the rules that are so easy to take advantage of. Someone (M?) in another thread said that she was blasted as bad as she was partly because (approximate quote) "women are expected to act better." Not easy for us guys to swallow, but something to think about, for sure.


"the real culprits are those that make the rules that are so easy to take advantage of"

Exactly as I see it.

I think some ruthless, driven woman might act that way in a sport situation. One wouldn't expect women to abuse or kill their children and animals but some do, even way back in history.

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