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Thank you, Adrian...brilliant read! Look forward to pics when you have time. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

I totally agree with your comment re lack of support for David in the final, the difference was blatantly obvious. As you rightly say, he's been supporting that tournament for years and has won the trophy 3 times, so a little more crowd appreciation would have been nice and respectful. What would they have done if a Mexican player had reached the final?

My, that was a big pay gap...too big.


enjoyed your brilliant, insightful and highly interesting reports so much. Thanks a lot!!
Concerning a big pay gap: even bigger, Adrian, 292K for the male winner. Err...more than seven times?! But it's nothing new here. Acapulco is ATP500, but the lowest-tier WTA280, as for the rest, WTA tour was never on a par with ATP. They also visibly differ in the point-money per round distribution. Same old, and it's hopeless to seek for "justice" in those corporative issues.


Adrian, this was wonderful reporting. Thanks so very much.

From your details, the crowd must have an awfully short memory. Ferru is not only three-time champion, but he was defending champion as well. I really feel badly that there should have been more support for him than it sounded like there was.

(I can't comment on the equal pay issue without risking going on far longer than might be appropriate. That discrepancy cloud has been hanging over the sport -- and certainly not just the sport -- for some time now.)


I had to smile at Adrian's description of the snob elite, lol I'm surprised the make-up stayed on in that heat, mind you they weren't running around on the court!

It will be interesting to see if David returns next year, I suspect he'll be reducing his schedule, needs to, he looked very drained in that humidity, I would be too.


Jenny, next year there will be big changes in Acapulco, starting with the court, which becomes hard. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the top players go there before Indian Wells instead of Dubai. To me, it almost doesn't make sense to have the mini clay season in Latin America between the AO and IW, so in spite of our love for clay, we should either all switch to hard or maybe reshuffle some of the tournaments to have more clay later.


Thanx Adrian. I don't know what to think. It would make more sense to make Acapulco a hardcourt tourney before going to Indian Wells. I personally don't want to see yet more hard court events. I want more grass. Does this apply to all the events in the Golden Swing?


No, I believe it's just Acapulco. The idea is precisely to lure players to come to Acapulco before IW and Miami. It makes sense given that it's much closer to Dubai and players wouldn't have to deal with the jet lag (or, rather, would still have to deal with the jet lag, but earlier than when reaching the U.S.). I think it's a great move, although I completely agree with you that less hard and more almost anything else would be better... ESPECIALLY grass. The way I see it is the calendar. There are too many commitments, too much money involved, and too little space to move tourneys around... and it seems very difficult to REMOVE events from the calendar and add others (which you need to do if you want more grass--remember Montecarlo and Hamburg being demoted??)... unless some tourneys decide to switch to grass, but you'd still need a reshuffle of the calendar, I believe. Nonetheless, it would be awesome to see a grass-court Masters 1000!!


I can't add to your thoughts, neither to I disagree, Adrian. I never understood why MC or Hamburg were demoted either. Ours is not to reason why....


Thanks so much, Adrian, for reporting on those interesting behind the scenes happenings. Good job!! I agree absolutely with you on the lesser (much lesser) entertainment value of women's tennis. The only way for it to equitable is for there to be no separation of the sexes. Just who is the best player.

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