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Good thought, definitely.


Who is that?

It's got to be a tenista, with that lovely athlete's physique - but I have no idea who it is. Is that Feli?
I mean, he is out of the tournament ... *heavy sigh*


Hmm...before you comment I was sure it's Novak. Now I hesitate...


No idea either, it isn't Roger, Rafa, Andy or David. Fabio?


Ladies, it's Novak. I'm sure again. Perhaps, for M it's a bit hard to acknowledge?..


LOL, Leon. One of my good friend's who's a fan of his said he was on vacation in Dubrovnik; I just wasn't aware it looked so tropical (or maybe he's moved on).

In any event, it couldn't be Roger - not only is he busy playing in Hamburg, but he also has prettier feet. :-)


M, I have a Croatian friend originally from Split. it really is like that, very beautiful. Yes it has to be Nole as Leon states.


Finally, to have a proof, I went to Novak's FB page. If you are patient enough when scrolling down the page then you'll find the same hat and panties. And "not so pretty feet", too (lol).
[But I was perfectly sure even without that...]

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