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LOL! And the crowd roared!

Side wager for Murph - who wants odds she nailed it on the first try?


Helped extend his career. And good one, Murph.


Geeeeez, M; I'm flattered! But as hard as I've tried, I've yet to nail one.


Time to improve various segments of his game. After this last break we have seen an improved BH.
However, this does not match the 'achieved' question, so I am going to offer one more: lowering the opponents' guards. Everyone seems to forget how good Rafa is until they are reminded again after the break. So it takes the competition about 6 months to reset while Nadal goes on a rampage at the same time.


LOL, Murph - it took me a few years. It's a tricky thing to see into TP's mind -- I sometimes wonder if he's secretly a PsyD or some such, conducting a hidden experiment on us in intermittent reinforcement. :-)


One more shot: Increased Nadals' motivation.


I'm with Chip


Thanks for the chuckle, Murph! I was thinking of something like Pharmaceutical Advancement [what are you implying- the knees are better now, no?] but yours is much more succinct.


Well, I'm not going to GUESS. As there is NO TELLING WTH it could be.


more specifically than Murph --- speculation that the fellow dopes and it was a 6 month drug suspension --- after all he came back , played a long clay season , won RG, has now played a long hard court season with no strapping that he used to have under his knees , with an injury ( disease ) that was supposedly permanent and has now totally disappeared. so was the injury real or was it a suspension ?
just asking !!!


I think the injury breaks have added URGENCY and he and his camp have translated it into this new 'go for broke' attitude on court.


Is there a regular PED testing during these breaks ? If no then the answer is: Doping and cleansing .


Fix up the body, head to toe.


Cleansing process mental and physical then prepares a manuscript of another book and make tons of money pretending to be injured.


"hero" come back story.........

furrrr surrreeeeeee!


Being the hunter (underdog) not the hunted (favorite).


Better brawn and brain coordination. He must have watched and replayed matches after matches starting from wimby loss against lukas rosol and so on. People dub him a robot, so let the robot "download" (a'la Matrix trilogy) more programs to counter-attack the opponents.

OK I must be feeling dehydrated, hungry and tired, need to pack up, leave the office and go home :D


Fear and uncertainty in the minds of other players-what will he do next? When will he pull out again, return, pull out return...What is his strategy?


To peak his form at the summer hardcourt season instead of at the spring clay season, as usual.

Tennis Planet


Need elaboration.

HOW did the injury breaks help extend his career?

This ends the contest - awaiting Chipnputt's reply.


Here's what I had in mind TP. Reduced mileage -- time off is time off, i.e rest and improved fitness, but he has also come back with a more aggressive style that will reduce the length of points and time on court. So he can play more matches, i.e, career extended.

Tennis Planet

Since you are close, you have ONE more shot at it.

I was looking for this:

The breaks helped him avoid a '---- ---'.

It may encompass what you have stated but there's a little more.

Try it. Remember you are shooting for your fifth WOF - a whole new bracket - with NO ONE else there, so........


Burn out?? (trying to help chipnputt)


Here you are TP. My shot at fame: Burn out.

Alex --was going to say this, but thanks anyway.

Tennis Planet

Correct answer:



So then I win? I said burn out.

Tennis Planet


Two factors:

1. Prompted by Alex.

2. New and higher bracket demanding stricter passage - as you WERE close.


1. Can't control Alex. It's a public website. Contest was over for Alex -- if he/she replies, nothing I can do. Help was not asked for. Like penalizing someone for on-court coaching for unsolicited advice from the crowd.
2. I said the exact words -- BURN OUT -- in your post. How much closer can you get?

Tennis Planet


If you claim Alex's prompt played no role, you will win.


No role. That's the truth.

Tennis Planet



Thank you TP.


well done Chip


Thanks Stella.


Congrats Chip; this one was a hard fight, and you deserved it (even if at the beginning I thought I had a chance of becomming a first time WOF-er). I think with this win you've become one of TP's WOF GOATs.


Thanks Murph. Yours was definitely the most interesting answer. There's really no right or wrong answer with these WOFs -- just a matter of guessing what is in TP's mind. I've just been luckier than most.


Congrats from me too, Chip. I'm useless at these WOF's.


Thanks Jenny. Winning WOFs means being able to guess what TP is thinking. So, not winning these is not necessarily a bad thing :-)

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