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APPLAUSE from me too. Well deserved.

Gary Moser

Very cool. Congrats!


This is what makes this site a cut above. (Raj--how could you leave Kerala?! It was a highlight of my stay in the subcontinent!!)


Congrats, Raj and Murph.


well done, both of you. Congrats


on the Planet there are many special people.
We enjoy their comments and heart
In a world of trolls and others
It sets our chat site apart.

Tennis Planet's newest "Respected elders "
Raj and Murph , as nominated above
You join a great bunch of others.
now let's all enjoy the great game that we love .

roll on Wimbledon !!!!!


Very nice. Congrats Raj and Murph!


RAJ and everyone,

You are living the life that I dream of. I am also an indian who immigrated here 19 years ago, now a med student, and am a die-heard in love with Federer Fan ever since I first saw him play on tv. I crave to play tennis when I can, and that is an extreme understatement. I've always wanted to fly, and hopefully one day will achieve this dream of having a private's pilot's license! The similarities are cool, and inspiring.

Midwest resident

PS, I also read this website religiously and consider all of you my never ever met best friends!
First time I went to the US Open (my only ever time I saw any professional tennis) was 2013. And I only went to see Federer, ofcourse! (glad he won against Zemlja) was the most ecstatic ever in my life!


Totally agree. Thumbs up.


What a surprise. My heartfelt thanks to all of you for your good wishes after TP placed Raj and me in a WOF category that at times is hard to believe I qualify. But I do.

Thanks TP for conjuring a WOF category I fit in since I failed in so many other attempts.


Why am I getting the feeling that TP is actually the Queen of England?



Hi Omkar, Thank you for your comment and welcome to our Planet community.


HA!! Chip---maybe I you'll get an OBE one day.


I also smiled at Chip's comment.


I think you have to be a Commonwealth citizen for the OBE, so I'm pretty much dead on arrival. But, really, think for a moment. The Queen's Birthday Honors List came out on June 14th. Coincidentally, or not so coincidentally, on June 14th TP does a TP Honors List -- 2 complimentary WOFs. Could it not be his way of saying -- OBEs for you but I'd have to disclose my identity to do that, so here's 's a WoF instead? Can you rule it out? How do you explain these new WoFs and their timing?


Congrats to Raj and Murph! Well done!


so my theory that TP is Jenny is not so far off the mark then. Look at her mailbox picture --- now that is one dame who would hand out awards or sentences


I didn't see this post until late and what a surprise! I am speachless, to say the least. I consider it a tremendous honor. I want to thank each and everyone of you for your kind words and TP for making a special category just to accommodate the old among us! I guess being old has its own reward! Hope to hang around this forum for a very long time. Thanks again.


Congrats to Raj and Murph!! It's always so nice to know something about the lives of people on the Planet.

it was fun to see all the old posts. thanks

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