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Rafa flips the tennis ball up to his racquet.

He is a tennis footie fiend. Nobody is as good, except that Roger did it once.


Or he flips it up to his hand from midair.

Have never seen anyone else do that, not even Roger.


He does a "on his knees, arms in the air" clebration. Usually done by someone after scoring a goal.

Tennis Planet

Hint: It's a shot.


It's the forehand slap shot he hits on mid-court high ball, reminiscent of a goalkeeper throwing the ball to one of his players.


It is curving the ball from his forehand corner that travels in the doubles alley until it lands in right handed opponent's forehand corner. Just like a free kick that curves in and finds the corner of the net.

Dani U

it is the Banana (curved) shot. Regards Dani from Switzerland


It's the chilena


Prasad has my vote


you mean "bend it like Beckham"?


Prasad, I think you have it. That bendy banana FH.

Tennis Planet



well done Prasad . Welcome to the WOF

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