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1.Winning the 9th Roland Garros, thats 9 Grand Slams on the same surface and the highest record so far for a player to win a GS like that in the open era

2.Getting to no.14. Its already a GOAT mark , at par with Sampras. Another 3 more GS perhaps wouldnt be that far fetched

3.Persistent back pain

4.Uncle Toni wanted to get married


I mean the highest record for a male tennis player. I think Steffi Graff or Martina Navratilova did some 8-9 times on the same surface or so


Navratilova has 9 Wimbledons, with a total of 18 slams. Steffi Graf has the most balanced resume: 7 Wimbledons, 6 French Opens, 5 US Opens, and 4 Australian Opens, for a total of 22 grand slam titles.


He "invaded" the grandstand to give his uncle a hug.


He cried, twice. On court and on the podium.


whatever he whispered in Uncle Toni's ear.

BTW can we have the answer of the one that ended Friday.?

Or TP are you really Federer in disguise and like the end at Halle you forgot !!!!!!!!!!!


It's the fact that nadal spoke of djokovic so highly, like, "he deserves a title here', "tennis owes djokovic a title at rg'. stuff like that indicate he's thinking about it with himself not in the pitchker.


That is a great thought


Federer father of 4, Djokovic will be father of 1: heck besides GS title he has to start getting the numbers for the father title. oh wait he is not even married yet !!! DARN he suddenly realized it. Man ! Auntie Toni please let me have baby soon PLEASEEEE he whispered in his ears.

But Auntie Toni had said NO NO NO before. Man you dare not sleep with the lights off, how can you think of being a father???? Auntie barked.. what am I going to do my nephew if you retireeeeee????? How selfish you only think of yourself??? drink more juice and smarten up for Wimbledon...

Tears stared to flow...and flow...

I want to be a father tooooo... I want 5 right away... fertility drug and do that for me...

Please do not hate me , this is just my father 's day sick writing... I learned from TP...blame him if you have to.

More tears...


I was out of town for the weekend and wondering the same. Who won honorable mention?


we still don't know


stumbled upon his well aligned bottles


At his final speech he said things like "all that is more than enough... unforgetable forever"

Tennis Planet



Finding best of 3 or 5 sets tough, a struggle.


Alex: you've learned very well from Teep!!

Who won the last one?

And Stella: "...Federer in disguise..." GOOD ONE


Hi DSG !!

Tennis Planet


Wasn't this just the second time in 14 attempts that he scaled the player box? And wasn't this one far more 'intense' than the first one - despite it being Roland Garros - specially when compared to some grass court Slam? Wonder what could be the reason!!!!!!


Congratulations bento!


Bento well done.


Ah, Bento: congrats. How on earth did you happen to think what was in Teep's precious mind???

Hey Alex!! I have given up on entering the contests...


well done Bento.

But be worried, be very worried, your mind and TP's are starting to think as one !!!


Please do not give up Deep Sea Lady !! I am sure you will win one of these days and... when that happens you may be invited to visit his basement... and you may even have a chance to see his collection... and you will of course Youtube it or show us all right here... yes I am been wanting to see it for a long time.. so please do not give up ok.


Welllll............OK. Thanks for the pep talk.
I am now happily watching FIFA


Yay, thanks. Just saw it now.

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