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dats djoko!!!!
big heart guy.....
furrrr surreeeeee


He would have glanced at these number before th final. Thats why he was so respectful towards Federer during the interview.

Last 45 Majors, Fed has 17 titles, 8 Finals, 10 semi finals, 5 quarter finals, 3 fourth rounds, 1 third round and 1 second round.

This kind of consistency deserves respect even from Novak or Rafa.


Federer said something very similar to Nadal when he won the 2008 Wimbledon final..


Being a Fed fan, I will say that Djocko is a class act as he has matured and recognizes his opponents as they deserve to be. And with a sense of humor. Remember a few years ago at USO when he lost, in ther interview he said, 'another match, another loss to Roger' as if it was inevitable though it was only his second USO loss to RF. His chest thumping gets old and glad he stayed away this time

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