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Really? Give me a freaking freaking break!!!!!! Geeeeezzzz!!!!!


When it comes to being "legit", Nadal has lost all credibility, in my view. And the proof is not in the photographic evidence, or the rumours of failed drug tests, or even the speed of his serve (although all of those things point in the same direction regarding drug use).
When the ATP has a testing programme that lacks the transparency and consistency of other sports, yet fails to make the changes necessary to improve effectiveness, there is no credibility there. And as long as Therapeutic Use Exemptions are not made public, it's no mystery that Nadal returns to the ATP tour with fantastic results. Whether he's doping within the rules or outside of it, the ATP is complicit in his doping, and expect fans to assume that the sport is clean. But between the shenanigans of Nadal and a few other players whose performance raises eyebrows (like Ferrer, the 32-year-old smoker with the grinding game who never seems to slow down), that's a pretty tall order.


Age doesn't matter for Nadal, he can play as long as he and his family still enjoys the travel. His playing style may not be the most economical, but he has given absolutely no indication that the end might be near.

Gary Moser

...although two different non-knee injuries within a 7-month span
is definitely a breaking of new ground for him.


As a result, he's playing less. He's practicing.


posted on tennis.com by tamaskee

OK, since the same programme seems to be rebroadcast here, I cannot help but provide my impression of what we're seeing:

Super intelligent fan #1: Faker! Buttpicker! Doper! Crotch grabber! Cheater!

Super intelligent fan #2: Every time Rafa is injured he's abused like no other human being ever. He's such a martyr, but at the same time super strong, but abused, but a warrior, but mistreated worse than Jesus, but a champion of epic proportions, but hated so much because he wins, but adored so much because he wins...

Super intelligent fan #3: Without Rafa there is no tennis!

Super intelligent fan #4: Hahaha! Good for Novak! Easy pass! Hahaha!

Super intelligent fan #5: Rafa is going on his usual extended break to gather strength. What a fake.

Super intelligent fan #6: Just another silent ban for doping during clay court season.

Super intelligent fan #7: Stop hating Rafa you hater, he wins because he overcomes adversity and tweaks his game, you just hate him because you cannot stand him winning, if he weren't hurt he'd kick your ass too you whiny sniveling hater!

Super intelligent fan #8: None of this matters, no one beats a healthy Rafa, so stop hating.

Super intelligent fan #9: Thank goodness I won't have to look at him playing with his bottles for a while. What a loser, playing with water bottles! How old is he anyway?

Super intelligent fan #10: Oh, bummer. I won't see if he finally picks his nose too. I have 10:1 odds and a good bet riding on it. Crap.

Super intelligent fan #10: Novak is a douche bag who wants to be loved so bad. He's a gorilla pretending to be a tennis player. Yes, I know this is about Rafa injury but I cannot stand the haters who hate so much. If you need to hate anyone, hate the chest beating brute who works so hard wanting to be loved. You hater.

Super intelligent fan #2: Oh, one more thing. There's really no point responding to all this stupidity. But I will do it anyway. Rafa is the most abused man on the planet. So many haters. So sad. Isn't it though? Everyone just hating Rafa for being the most amazing warrior, super human being perfect in every way.

Super intelligent fan #12: One more time, just one more time...

Super intelligent fan #2: Oh, BTW, if you cannot say anything nice about someone, then keep stewing in your troll swamp, you troll.

Super intelligent fan #13: Novak is so classless. Rafa is injured, and Novak troll fans go into abuse mode, and Novak doesn't do a damn thing about it. Just a classic case of WantingToBeLovedSoBadly.

Super intelligent fan #12: One more time, just one more time...

Super intelligent fan #14: @Super intelligent fan #12 Oh shut up already, you troll!

Super intelligent fan #15: I love tennis! Isn't tennis great? So glad that pusher Nadal is out of commission. I am just a lover of tennis. Tennis, tennis, tennis... so graceful, some players are, but not Nadal. He's a buttpicking pusher. Tennis, tennis, tennis... Ah! Oh!

Super intelligent fan #16: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah... (this would be me).
By tamaskee 3 days ago


What... nothing about his "obvious" (but hidden) sexual preferences? That's usually first.

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