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Scam artist steals email address list and writes for monetary assistance from overseas.

Almost fell for request from an avid traveler friend residing in Washington State supposedly seriously mugged in London with everything stolen including passport. Hotel, however, needed payment and to send $2,700 via Western Union to hotel manager. Phoned Washington State receiving no answer. Because Western Union only accepts cash & needing to go to bank, shared sad news beforehand with someone on same list, learning it was a scam. Phoned police who confirmed phone number in my email was from London.


Oy! These bastards are getting better and better at this aren't they! A good friend was scarily close to being scammed in a similar manner.

Thanks for these posts TP


I had that happen to me with an email using a name of a friend (the problem was she has a common name, and she did travel in and out of the country a lot). And the email was one of those "I'm in trouble" kinds, so you don't know whether to reach out to a person!

Fortunately, I was able to reach her directly and find out that it wasn't her.

But yes. You have to be really, really careful.


Seconding Bettyjane's thanks.


Hi M... and Bettyjane, too. My saving grace was not having $2,700 tucked underneath my mattress and needed to change from my grubbies before driving to the bank. Then took the extra moment to phone someone from same list but distribution not shown on my message. Voila!

Weather here in northern Cal is heavenly and unseasonaly warm and sadly severe drought continues. ~92 in Indian Wells tomorrow and read Fed is playing doubles around dinner time with a Swiss whose name I didn't recognize... Michael Lammer. They follow Madison Keys who I'm excited about.


"Fed is playing doubles around dinner time with a Swiss whose name I didn't recognize... Michael Lammer. They follow Madison Keys who I'm excited about."

Stadium 2!


Tennis Planet

Link available for this and more to come Scam posts @ left side bar under 'Misc'.


I fell for a similar scam like Murph's an year or so ago and wired the money but was able to stop payment before it was received by the con artist. Western Union, to their credit, refunded the money including fees. The original email was very convincing but the tip off to me was that in the subsequent letters it became obvious that it was not written by my friend because of poor english and grammar. The letter originated in Spain.


My identity was stolen (or rather sold by a crook cell phone operator). Using my basic data, the criminals called the bigger banks until they found where I have an account. Then they changed my address over the phone and received a statement with full account information. Ordered checks to the "new"address and transferred the money from all accounts including the line of credit. Luckily I signed on line during the weekend and "saw" the money flying from all accounts into one. By Monday morning checks were being cashed all over town. I was at the bank at 8.30 and withdrew all money in cash and good thing I did. No help from police, FBI, CIA. It was a nightmare. My advise: password on all your account, clearly spell no account changes over the phone to your bank and get credit monitoring service. I use one for $10/month and quite happy with them.

Tennis Planet


For credit monitoring, there is a cheaper and FAR better option.

First, it's FREE - after a one-time fee of - maximum - $30 (depending on your state).

Second, it blocks the bad guys from entering your 'house' as opposed to credit monitoring that reacts to clowns already in.

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