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Pretty much the key indicator, for GOAT status. Historical considerations weigh in and parallel careers of rivalry need to be present. If there is no intense rivalry in amassing wins, then the stats are hollow, a weakened era where no intense rivalries allows for one players stars to be skewed and thus should nit be included. All 10 women included here pass this test, They all need to have been number one in their day and a rival number one that fought out multiple Grand Slam finals betweem them should also hold true and be in tnis list and again it does with these 10 women. They also should have played in all Grand Slam finals history not withstanding.
Please now list the same stats for men.

Gary Moser

Yes, BB's 89.81 percent ekes out SG's 89.74 percent.

But SG's sample size is bigger by 98.73 percent.


I doubt if the difference between first 3 or 4 numbers are statistically significant. As Gary points out sample size matters big time. Anyway, percentages are highly misleading statistics when what matters are absolutes. In a soccer game if one team scores 1 out of 5 attempts on goal, while the second team goes 2 out of 15, guess who wins. And guess who has the better scoring percentage? In tennis, what is the more GOAT-like behavior -- to play until 34, being #2 in the world, highly competitive, though not winning as much as 10 years ago, or to mentally give up at 26 at the first sign of a younger serious challenger and retire?

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