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Federer is 50 aces vs Roddick at Wimbledon


Nadal made just 7 UEs in the 2008 FO final. Both these stats are off the charts.


Federer vs Roddick is the 2009 Wimbledon final


They both embarrassed a multiple majors winner in a major final:

Federer d. Hewitt at USO 2004 6-0 7-6(3) 6-0

Nadal d. Federer at FO 2008 6-1 6-3 6-0

So, double bagel in the first instance, and breadstick/ bagel in the second. Against a Wall Of Famer. Not the same stat.


Huh, this involves actual facts ... Not my strong side :) I bet Gary Moser will win!

Gary Moser

Hope it's a metaphysical bet only, because my specialty is CAREER TRENDS
[ i.e. - Muster ranked #1 but never winning a match at Wimbledon ]
as opposed to single-match aberrations and anomalies.

Or is that just a cop-out on my part? :->


If Alpha isn't right, I think TP best change HIS answers, cuz dem are a couple fine answers. I am proud to say I HAVE no specialties! (Except metaphysics)


DK was before me. I would second that . It was double bagel for Hewitt and a bagel + breadstick and Fed.

Hewitt was probably number 2 seed that time. Federer was #1 when he received the shellacking.

Tennis Planet


However, I had:

1. 50 aces.

2. Nadal offering 17 break point opps but getting broken just once against Federer @ 2007 FO final.


Do you recall the 7 UEs from memory or is there any black and white proof? 17 / 1 is documented.


Ya, 1/17 is also very good. Had been debating if to out that down, Problem is I saw it as Federer blowing 16 chances rather than Nadal saving 16. So more a Fed stat than a Nadal stat. My bias.

Here are the stats for Federer vs Nadal: https://matchstat.com/tennis/h2h-odds-bets/Rafael%20Nadal/Roger%20Federer

Then click on the stats for this particular match.

Tennis Planet


Good job. Thanks.

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