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professional career --- first Wimbledon win or perhaps Davis Cup.
Personal -- birth of his son


Getting that extended ovation after losing the French open final

Gary Moser

His mother stating "The King is dead. LONG LIVE THE KING!!!"


The moment he discovered gluten and egg machine


2008 AO when he beat Fed in the semis in straight sets.


Yes, I think you got it.


He's pretty much said its Wimbledon, but as this is TP and as the obvious ones are pretty much all taken, let's go with beating Roddick at the USO after the 18 injury jibe from Roddick.

Next, beating Federer at the USO after the finger wag at the French.

Beating Nadal at the French 10 years after announcing that the match was in his racket


Beating Federer in the Wimbledon final. Why? Based on the "Given what we are privy to about Djokovic" from the question, this has to do something with pride and has to involve Federer. So - beating Federer at his beloved Center Court, denying all kinds of records, while Federer played close if not his best tennis ...


maybe it wasn't clear but "first wimbledon win " means first time of winning the wimbledon title and not just his first match win there


THAT was precious to him? I think he felt embarrassed..

Gary Moser

I was being facetious.

Although, to the best of my knowledge, Novak never publicly disavowed her comment.
So...was he really THAT embarrassed?


Winning Wimby SF in 2011 which made sure he is World Number when irrespective of the final result.

He was so overjoyed at that moment he celebrated as if he won the tournament(which he did couple of days later).

He even said that his biggest goal is to achieve No.1 to prove and his beloved late coach who said that he would be on top of tennis world someday.


Prasanna may have got it




Novak had some clearly stated goals -- win Wombledon, win the Davis Cup; become #1 and it's a tough guess which goal was more important. But these are obvious targets for a career high and TP is usually a bit quirkier. Let's see where he comes out. Will be interesting.


Bringing the Wimbledon trophy replica home to show his old coach, Jelena Gencic.


USO semifinal - saving match point against Fed with partisan NYC crowd with that incredible forehand against Fed's seemingly unreturnable first serve. Success started to pile up after that semi - Davis Cup, 2011 season, etc. Evidenced by that face and nod Novak made just before Fed served on match point.


Today is Monday Oct. 5 !

What planet is TP on? For his/her Monday is October 4?

Man I am confused.

BTW what is the answer?


lol. Alex he's from Planet Tennis of course.

Tennis Planet






Congrats Bettyjane! Great answer!


Thanks Alpha. I've never gotten a Wall of Fame win with a "normal answer". Thinking "quirky" as you stated, is the only way to go.


Congrats. I don't think TP is correct in assuming what's dearest to Nole's heart but he makes the rules and you were able to get into his brain, which is the point of WoF. Well done!


Yes of course.

Dumb me gezzzzz!!

Congratulations Bettyjane.


Not only quirky... but probably correct...lol. As I mention on that stream (Djokovic's most precious moment ever)... the 2+ minute vid at the top of that stream is a must watch for Novak fans.


Thanks. FWIW, as a Fed fan, I was extremely moved watching that ovation, so how could it not have been an exceptional moment for Nole. I vaguely recall Martina getting a long ovation after losing to Tracy Austin at the US Open and of course the Novotna choke against Graff, but this was in another league.

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