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Federer has lost his last 6 WTF or slam finals all to Djokovic. 2016 he'll finally breakthrough?


Stunning loss. To those who have been arguing that the current version of Federer is better than the 2006-07 version, here's the biggest indictment of your speculation. The earlier version would have Seppi for lunch. Check his record in 2006-07 slam against guys he was meant to beat easily. The first chink came win against Tipsarevic at the AO 08; won but it took 5 sets.


Yeah. One word. Consistency. I don't know enough about the subtleties of the game to rule out the possibility that Fed has one or two weapons that he didn't have in 2007 (probably because he was so far above the field back then that he didn't NEED them), but so what? Doesn't 92-5 (over 63-11) speak for itself?! What are the other possibilities that might explain the almost 30 fewer wins and over twice the losses this year? Competition that is off-the-map better? I think not.

Gary Moser

Plus...even when he's lost to Novak in recent years,
he tends to be more competitive in the losing of those matches
than he is when losing to the rank-and-file guys like Seppi.


'Cause, when he loses to a Seppi his game is off, badly off. Others he would win, With Novak, he can be on, and usually is, and still come out on the losing end.

Gary Moser

"...off, badly off..." in a way that it almost never was in 2004-2006.

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