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Nice TP. I agree wholeheartedly.


Yay, Stella!


Kudos Stella; you deserve to be in a Wall of Fame category of your very own.


Graet job, Stella, congratulations!


Good call TP, congratulations Stella!


Hohooo Go Stella!


thanks TP. Just logged on after a few days ago and found this surprise.
It goes back a long way -- probably started around 1965. Used to go to Wimbledon for 2 days each year . Probably 45 days in total but could be more .
Indian Wells --- went 3 years , a few days each year .
Eastbourne --- went 6 times
Amelia Island --- went 2 times.
Family circle ( Hilton Head and Charleston )-- went maybe 15 times for a total of at least 40 days.
US Open went 6 times -- usually 2 days each year.
Rogers Cup Montreal --- too many times to count.

On my wish list --- Rome, Monte Carlo, RG, Queens,


oops, miscalculation -- Wimbledon 30 days more likely


Stella that's insane. I've been to the US Open around 4 times and that's about it


guess I just like going to watch live tennis. If winter goes according to plan we'll get to Charleston for a couple of days before heading north


Enjoy every bit of your trip

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