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Stella -
Good reporting.
Sort of what I figured.
Sizzle, no steak, indeed.
I live in NYC and have been aware of this Boob for years.
Please let him go away!!


Thanks so much Stella, I was really interested to hear form you. So, it was evem worse that i was imagining, wow...How can people be fooled by this clown is beyond me. I wish. Sara Palin would join him and be his running mate. That would combine the two stupidest candidates ever and be a true Dream team and a godsend for all comedians. Also, would properly represent a huge portion of the GOP supporters...


Sceral nailed it: "how people can be fooled by this clown." Fact is, they can. Truly amazing and scary. I live in a liberal area (SF Bay area) and feel naively comfortable because I never hear anything but bad about him. Then I hear reports of meetings like this one and remember: appealing to the intelligent voter with sane answers to important issues will get you nowhere. Thanks, Stella.


#SandersOnAPlane: can't beat Sanders:


Great job Stella.I applaud you for your interest. I'm sure you're as terrified as the rest of us that his candidacy still has legs (But like Roger Federer once remarked---our presidential campaign goes on WAYYYYY too long)

I live north of NYC in a town that he donated land to after his plans to get it turned into a golf course went awry. This weed-infested abandoned property has a Donald Trump State Park sign on the parkway and there is currently a petition going around the area to get rid of the sign, and more importantly his name off this land

I also read an op-ed piece in the NYT over a month ago where the writer (David Brooks I think) compared the current interest in Trump to how he (meaning Brooks) initially was drawn to a more garishly colored rug when he went shopping, but how when push came to shove and it was time to seriously purchase something, he reverted back to type and went with a safer choice.


sure hope people do revert to the safer choice. He rambled on about he is leading yet never pays anything for advertising --- yet every time I go on US TV there he is , being reported for something outrageous. Are these networks trying to get him the nomination as it is better ratings for them ?
My sister was telling me he is hated in the UK --- he bulldozed through a project to build a golf course and only one elderly lady was strong enough to stand firm -- she's now being heralded as a hero.
One of the things he talked about before we left was a 1000 mile wall to keep out Mexicans. Reckoned he could build it for $10m in 6 months. Made jokes that it had been proposed before but didn't happen as it was going to take 24 months to do an environmental impact study in case a turtle lived anywhere. Of course he had no intention of doing any study and as he was a businessman knew how to bulldoze it through while ignoring all that nonsense!!! This was greeted with loud applause. Just imagine if he wanted to put it through one of their precious golf courses. Scary


Trump is not particularly different from about 30% of the Republican primary voter base. Why pick on him? The more shocking bit is how many think like him.

Gary Moser

Political ideology aside, I find it amusing how so many of his supporters are enamored with
his not being beholden to the big money interests --- "he's his own man", etc.

Well, then...why not just draft Sheldon Adelson or a Koch brother to be your party's nominee?


RE: The 30%. Yes. When looking at the big picture (like will the human race exterminate itself in the next century or two) I always acknowledge the existence of some whackos. I don't care how healthy society is in general, some strange people will always be born. But like you said, it is the numbers that are frightening. Trump's power would be virtually non-existent without that 30%.

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