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Djokovic's 2012 was very weak compared to 2011, so the hope is 2016 will also be weak and there's nobody else on hard courts or grass that's presenting a sure block for Federer to win a GS.


He was able to win FO due to one lapse by Nadal in 10 years, he can hope a Djokovic lapse at any slam now and make it a win for himself. The key is persistence.


Serena is still dominating at 34? Hingis is still dominating at 35?


bigger racket working wonders


As of current form Djokovic is the ONLY player in Federer's way from his 18th slam. Federer is ranked number 3 now so he may very likely face Novak in the semis where there is less pressure compared to finals. In Australian open semi finals novak leads 2-0. French 1-1 in semis. Wimbledon crucially fed leads 1-0 in semis. US open tied at 2-2 in semis.


At 34, he's getting younger and younger?


TWO main reasons : 1) Novak's form cannot continue forever and Stan the man can beat Novak to give Roger a big chance to win his 18th. 2) The last 3 slams Roger played he lost ONLY to the winners of that particular slam ( FO 2015 lost to Stan who was the eventual winner, wimby and US open lost to Novak in Finals ) which is an encouraging factor to stay extremely hopeful.


Other top players don't have enough training partners, Federer has ample different generations of them?


Mirka can hand pick the draws at every slam?


Djokovic's rats are getting old?


He will play singles, doubles, mixed doubles at Olympics, and every medal he wins there normally leads to a slam title?


Although he lost UO, his total points was only 2 less than Djokovic?


Another set of twins are coming?


All top players' wives or girlfriends have become Mirka's costumers?


RE: Novak's form cannot last forever. We probably said that about Fed 8 years ago. And whose is likely to go first... a 28 year old or a 34 year old?


crowd support


This is going to be the most convoluted answer ever. It can't have anything to do with Nadal for Nadal has been a non-factor (neither progressed far nor beaten Federer) in the last six slams and Federer is still stuck on 17. So, it's something that will take Djokovic out. Knowing TP, the answer has to be some distraction. It can't be a obvious thing. So:

Djokovic's kid or the Djokovics' desire to have more kids.
Or new drug testing will ban Djokovic. Or something just as silly.
Or Murray having a kid (or the Davis Cup win) means he will now topple Djokovic, and Federer knows how to deal with Murray,


A slam is inevitable as he reaches more slam finals more and more easily, something good will fall into his laps.


Djokovic is 7 of 8 against Nadal, every time someone reaches such a long streak, he goes downward for a while.


the younger players coming up have failed to present any threat.
Murray will have his mind on other things.
Rafa is done.
Nole cannot go on at this rate.
Stan is in and out and unreliable.
So -- he has only one difficult match per slam so surely he will get lucky in at least one more final.


Novak is not Federer. After 2011 his form slumped in 2012 considerably winning only ONE slam and losing to Murray in finals! 2013 Rafa kicked his ass hard to finish number 1. 2014 won 1 slam. 2015 is the best year for him without a doubt but what Vegila said is very much on the cards. And the 34 year old is looking younger than a 28 year old!


2016 will be Opympic year, everybody will be on their best behaviours and PED free. Federer's superior tennis will win out at slams.


In addition to what I've said (one blink from Nole gives Roger the hope because there's nobody else in the way) - Djokovic also said that his main focus will be FO and OI. So, the ONE very specific reason that emboldens Federer to stay extremely hopeful of bagging at least No. 18 is the fact that 2016 is an Olympic year, providing one additional distraction for Djokovic to blink.


Federer already booked Günter Parche twin brother to do the nasty job...


Oi !! TP, it's the 14th...where's the answer??

Tennis Planet



Congrats O. ... and shoot, this is exactly what I meant in my first reply but did not properly elaborate. Take a look, that's what it means. More patience with words and typing next time (:


Thanks and cheer up, Veglia, once in while you might have a lapse, I'm sure you'll do well again.


Interesting, but one small problem. The precedent never happened. In 2012, Fed won Wimbledon after beating Djokovic in the semis. Everywhere else, Djokovic reached the final, winning once and losing once to Nadal and Murray. Since then Federer hasn't won a slam. The one time that Djokovic gave him a real chance by losing to Nishikori in the US Open semis, and all that stood between Federer and #18 were Cilic and Nishikori, he blew it. In short, there isn't one instance where Federer sneaked out a slam because Djokovic stumbled against a lesser player.


BTW, has anyone notices that Federer has lost all his matches in this IPTL thing -- 3 doubles with Cilic as his partner and all 3 singles to Nadal, Karlovic, and Murray. I know its a quasi exhibition of sorts, but I also bet it's annoying him. Wonder if the team is thinking of benching him :-)


I've watched all the six. Better to forget asap. Barring a couple of games, it was the worst Federer's performance I've ever seen. Even for an exho - just absolutely hopeless. Poor spectators.
Is smth wrong going? Judging from the schedule for today, he is benched, indeed.


I guess his heart is not in it. Just collecting the guarantee money.

However, there is always the risk that at his age, there could be a sudden, permanent decline in form. We have seen it so many times and nothing says Roger is immune.

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