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Gary Moser

A slightly more creative version of Jeb Bush's "Please clap" as a way of dealing with being totally ignored?


really don't like Carson. He'll be the next to go perhaps?


I couldn't stop laughing watching this...ROFL!!


Funny until you think: theoretically, one of these... uh... gentlemen could be the next president of the us.


Trump vs Rubio has degenerated into a high school trash talking contest No issues being discussed. It's the best reality show in town. Here's Obama's take on these guys -- it's hilarious.



This is really good stuff. Thanks Alpha

Trump is so incredibly thin-skinned and vague and when pressed for details (which is rarely), he'll say the Affordable Care Act will be replaced by "something terrific". Oh, OK. I feel better now.

I'm far from a conservative but at least Kasich answers the questions and what does he get for his troubles---a media only concerned with why he's staying in the race. They have to stop dictating to the public. I'm praying for a brokered convention and a fractured party. Actually the party is already pretty fractured isn't it?


sigh. This is soap opera/comedy show/reality show/high school trash show dished out. And Hillary : how many lies she has up her sleeve. No wonder even Obama's opponents are having thoughts on how undignified White house would become in 2017 . Here is a piece worth reading from NY Times.


Gary Moser

If nothing else, this election cycle is proving the veracity of my two all-time favorite political-themed quotes:

"Politics is the entertainment branch of industry." --- Frank Zappa

"Democracy is based on the theory that the people know what they want...and deserve to get it, good and hard." --- H. L. Mencken

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