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Both of them can beat the establishment candidate?


Both being outsiders of course.


Both need now, or will need, a comb-over of some sort


Both pretend to be an underdog but actually have a fierce desire to win.


Both are the most militaristic in the world?


Both are single digit handicap golfers.


They'll both be done by November.


They both wear branded hats

Tennis Planet

Hint: _i_e_s_o_.


They both have only one dimension?


Too much information TP.



they are creating a diversion from the main thing of importance .

But I think the combover answer should win as it is a fact not a theory

Tennis Planet


Since that was just a hint, it needs explanation to arrive @ answer.

Tennis Planet


Thanks. Had no choice as there was no freaking way anyone could have guessed it. Heck, it may still not happen!!!!


Thanks TP. I can't quite figure them out, and I'm asking the public out there who may have ideas to compete for this WOF honor.


Dimension - Nadal only had the lefty high loop forehand to beat his main rival, ie. Federer

Trump has only dimension regarding immigrants/Muslims against his competition.


Nadal has been called one-dimensional player as the majority of his titles are on clay, which is also called dirt! The Donald also knows to win only in the dirt.


Rafael Nadal plans to sue an ex-French government minister who said his seven-month absence in 2012 was "probably due to a positive doping test".
The Spaniard is upset with comments made by Roselyne Bachelot, who was formerly Minister for Health and Sport. The 14-time Grand Slam winner, 29, says he will sue anyone else who alleges "something similar in the future". Trump also sues anyone who makes a bad claim about him, including.HBO political talk show Real Time with Bill Maher. Is that the thing they have in common?


Diversion: Trump uses theatrics, bullying and jokes to divert the voter's attention from the real problems at hand in hopes of securing their vote. Nadal has tried with his recent comeback to divert the belief that his best tennis is behind him and he is a shell of his former self due to his style of play. Will either one be successful?


This is getting hilarious with (some creative) guesses come in around "dimension" and "diversion". I still like the comb over theory.


Veglia's observation on dirt is good.


One dimension they have identical: the hair. They have exactly the same hair, how could we have missed that?


They are each insular, in many senses of the word:
Seemingly (at least from what I surmise from media outlets)sheltered/ignorant/uninterested in that which is outside their own experience
A shared insula structure/process/activation


The one dimension they share == relentless attack until they win. Nadal did it win the heavy top spin, everybody succumbed. Trump with his verbal and written statements, everybody succumbed too.

Tennis Planet


I thought O or Ricke were closer.

But the whole thing is so subjective that who decides what is "right " ?

How about some factual WOF questions so we know for sure right from wrong rather than one person's perception of reality


Thanks Stella, but I am more confused now than I was before I attempted to answer the question. So, I am definitely not the winner. LOL!

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