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"he's just lucky"


Yap !
I know he was joking but you should see Lendl's face, no joke no lie.


He sounds like he supported David Cameron during Brexit. This may bring complications and potentially lack of support in a somewhat divided country. Unnecessary energy may be required from him to handle this item having nothing to do with tennis.


Scotland voted to stay in Europe


Well since Alpha took my first thought, I'll go out on a limb here. Andy said that Milos had a great team, very polite, nice to deal with etc... Then he said, "well that's not always the case." Meaning other players don't have such "nice" team members. Maybe some other players and their teams won't take to kindly to this.


Hi Stella, that's why Veglia is correct...
Murray stands on opposite side of politics to Cameron, as does Scotland. However Scotland, Cameron (and Murray apparently) all wanted to remain in the EU.
Right now, things seem to have stabilised slightly but there's a lot of grief around the decision to leave not least because it's a massive undertaking that nobody seemed quite prepared for, but also because the vote was so close at 52-48.


That was my idea Ricke but you got there first. Bravo

Imaginary band -- I'm English ( as well as Canadian ) My family all live in England. All but one voted "stay " interestingly enough the one who voted "leave " now says that her vote wasn't actually to leave Europe -- she still wants single market, she still wants English people to have the right to live and work anywheree in the 27 countries, she juust wanted England to have control of its borders. Many seem to say that they never really knew what they were voting for.
A local paper here described the state of England as " they don't want to pay the subscription any more but they still want the magazine delivered every month !!


That about sums it up! :)

Tennis Planet


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