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??? Still struggling with an answer.
Man this one is tough


Why would weaker competition be a blessing in disguise in the first place??!! Isn't it just plain old blessing?

Secondly, this nonsense that Djokovic is facing weaker competition has to stop. Weaker that Federer? Really??!! Are we saying that Roddick, Hewitt, Blake and Davydenko are tougher bunch than Murray, Wawrinka, Ferrer and Berdych?


Maybe switch out "Blake" for "Safin"

Tennis Planet


1. Most refer to weaker competition - starting now.

2. Weaker competition a blessing - when you are aiming for GOAT status?


Maybe ... still the same point. IMO, Rafa has had the toughest competition among greatest players of all time. Watch him win gold or two in Rio!


Ahhh, so he extends his title collection. I see.

Now for the answer ... "Don't stop collection" ... :) I think I got the general idea just missing those 3 words.

Tennis Planet

Second hint: First letter of the second word starts with 'P'.


Djoker plays on..


Djokovic has a losing record against Roddick, Safin and Gonzalez. And they, plus Hewitt, Nalbandian and Davydenko were more talented than current members of the top 10.
Djokovic's only competition are Federer and Nadal who are well past their prime, Murray and Wawrinka who are very inconsistent, and we are now into the 2nd lost generation of


So, when was Nadal in his prime?


Federer became world no.1 in 2004. Nadal became world no. 2 in 2005. They were both in their primes in 2005, and have played against the same opponents for the past
11 or so years.


Are you saying Nadal's prime lasted one year?


Also Djokivic has split record with Sébastien Grosjean 1-1. So I would say Djokovic is actually on the level with Sebastien.


what is the answer? Who won?


Nadal's best year was 2010, won FO, W, USO until he hit a wall called Djokovic in 2011. My argument is: Djokovic had to go through Nadal at his very best and sustain that for a year. If you call that weak competition be my guest.

Tennis Planet

Correct answer: Dampen PED accusation.


answer is irrelevant. Weak or strong competition -- he lost


No, I see the point. Weak competition means the case against Djokovic taking PED weakens because his results become more "believable".




Now I see. Thanks.

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