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Both Nadal and Djokovic had the momentum for 17, but dropped precipitately, only to find 17 a galaxy away. Djokovic, more than Nadal probably become the most dominant ever. It's like racing at maximum speed, the vehicle feel damaged after a race. The lesson is to race only at 75-80% of your full power, in other words just win 6-7 important titles per year is more than enough. That way he could have played many more years, breaking 17.


Don't write Novak off. TP usually builds up the crescendo but he is still #1 and even if he gets to #2 does that mean he will not mean any more slams. I am not a fan of his playing style and indeed it is grinding but will he get stuck at 12 ? Wait a year and then may be sound the death knell.


Roger and Rafa are rubbing it in, saying "Look Novak, we both achieved more before crash landing!" Just some extra pressure as insurance against Novak's resurgence. I agree with nick, don't write him off yet.

Mircea Bumbesti

I, too, found their comments containing a sigh of relief. Would be nice to see all 4 fighting it out next year at the majors. 2017 could also see a young one snag a major.


He needs to take some month time off to regroup, otherwise it can be over. Last I saw him play, he looked sluggish and even clumsy.

Mircea Bumbesti

Would be nice if Federer and Nadal started talking about Del Potro. How many majors would a healthy Del Potro have taken away from Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray? He played big at the majors.

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