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He self imploded, not like there's real competition around, especially from younger players. So, seemingly there was an easy path to glory.

Also, and this is just my opinion, he hates being worse than Federer in any regard. No matter all other players and their stats.


Federer winning another slam.


Or Nadal winning another slam.


No other #1 has been such a national hero. Slipping in his compatriots eyes probably hurts him. That is why the move back to Serbia, to milk that adulation as much as possible while it's still there.


Federer or Nadal will surpass him in the rankings.


Oh no, he'll enjoy god-like status in Serbia for ever and ever.


He allowed his complacency to bring things to this state. A "hare" who thought he could catch some sleep while the poor tortoise (read Murray) catches up


That even though he has achieved the 4 slams
he has reached no. 1
he has become the national hero of Serbia
He is not as well loved and respected as Federer.


Probably losing to Murray in 2 GS finals. I can understand losing to Rafa,Stan and Roger in the finals of GS but losing to Murray is unforgivable. If he had won he would be at 14 GS tying Rafa. He has lost 9 slam finals so far in his 21 GS finals which is a very poor record and he has no excuse. I mean he is still at his prime. I wonder how many more chances he will have. He is going to hit 30 soon. After that its going to get very difficult for sure.


Tomato can field


Opps, just read Veglia's comment


Jabali, I feel this is true, he must regret losing so many finals. However, I don't think this is related to TP's question which, in my view, discusses now and near future.


Yeah Vegila you are right. I just expressed my opinion. I am so sad that tennis may face its darkest day yet when Murray becomes world number 1. I just don't like his game. I mean its so ugly. Hope Novak doesn't lose number 1 Murray. Any other player is fine :P

Gary Moser

"tennis may face its darkest day yet when Murray becomes world number 1"
I've never been a big fan of Murray's game ---
certainly not when comparing it to those of Roger and Rafa and Novak.

But from a historical point of view, which is always my foremost lens of interest,
I would feel kind of bad for him and his fans if he ended his career
without even briefly being the #1 ranked player in the world,
given the incredible amount he has achieved compared to
how little certain previous #1s did [ Muster never winning a match at Wimbledon;
Rios only once making it past the Quarters at any Slam, etc ].

For me, WORTHY easily trumps "ugly".


Gary, the facts you provided here re Muster and Rios are fascinating!!! With Murray as new no 1 it feels a bit like the Hewitt/Roddick period, while we were waiting for Roger The Federer. From current selection I still think only Zverev has the potential to be the new No 1. The other option will be Murray/Djokovic weakly ruling the top of the game until further notice.


I think Novak Djokovic craves respect. The loss of it is almost too much to handle.

Without an "Only player to..." associated with his achievements, (beyond Serbia) he will see himself as just another player in the Nadal/Federer era.

He likes to be the sun. He doesn't want to have a curtain of clouds restricting his shine. He wants respect.


The fact that after winning the French Open he lost his motivation and love for playing competitive tennis, therefore he will never be considered the GOAT.


he did everything physically and mentally possible to get to be the GOAT, and it hasn't worked out and his body and world are crumbling


Never won an Olympic gold medal, no silver either.


Murray Nadal both two golss, Federer gold silver, Wawrinka gold, Delpotro silver, Djokovic bronze.


Even though he's probably sad about not winning gold an OI, it's definitively not "What hurts Djokovic most about not being able to win another Slam or retain the No. 1"


Not being invited to rafanadalacademy inauguration! ;-) LOL

Mircea Bumbesti

Not being as popular as Federer


TP today is the 24th.
Where is the answer

Tennis Planet


"Seemingly there was an easy path to glory."


Congrats Veglia. All good answers---the Olympic medal is probably a big deal to him, since he's not from a huge nation. We Americans usually downplay that.


Thanks. Unlike Djokovic, who gave up, I'm going to keep fighting for WoF's despite my age, two kids and prospect of Federer winning another Wimbledon!!!

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