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If Federer comes back next year, he really should play a very limited schedule. He should only select some fast courts and slams, while skipping everything on clay. By playing less, maybe he could contribute and succeed more. The thing with D is that he has overwhelming power, maybe too much for M at this point now. With perfect conditioning and body tuning, the Fed may find a really chance to play a slam final with a legit chance. The past three slam final losses and WTF losses should be a lesson learned.


For Nadal it's the same thing. This guy dragged himself out of hiatus to play Olympics singles, doubles, mixed doubles... Sure he won gold, but got a wrist injury once again threatens to end his career? Perhaps he should only be playing on clay?


Djokovic showing signs to catch Petes 14 next year?


I agree with what O said either about Federer, Nadal and Djokovic. I would be happy seeing Federer and Nadal on court again next year. I believe that they still have power to get grand slam title. In the other words, I want the competition in tennis match from the big four keep on lasting as long as could be.


With M, this has to be the weakest number one going into a final match ever seen.

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