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Djokovic did not believe he could/should win. Actually he may during the first 4 games and then lost faith.


Veglia --- are you online with this site 24/7 ? You always see a contest just about instantly


injury -- both physical and mental


he would have been perfectly capable of winning if he'd hit the ball the way he did against Nishikori


There is a little person living in his head. Before and during those slam matches against Murray, the little person keeps shouting in his head: lose to Murray..., be sluggish..., hit into the net..., drive this one long..., don't return the next serve..., serve a double fault..., don't run down that one..., and Djokovic followed all those instructions.


Exactly, and the reason is ... believing in your shots against a particular opponent.


Well, I do check a few times a day. Also, I believe I can win :)

If I remember well, at one point in history, people were complaining how WoF is not fair because they live in a different time zone, so TP started publishing in advance the exact timing of the next one. Or maybe I'm just imagining things here, not sure. TP, was this the case once?


Not the reason for the outcome of this match, but ... IMO Murray somehow managed to improve endurance while keeping strength and mobility while it seems Djokovic lost some strength recently. He may have gone too far with his food choices or lack of choices.

Tennis Planet



Tennis Planet


Two words.

First word has three letters. Second word has ten letters - first letter 'P' last letter 'S'.

For rock people, that's JUST a hint NOT the freaking answer. For even deeply lodged rock people, once you get the above two letters you still have to find the freaking answer. Geeeezzzz!!!!!!


This is freaking difficult.


It was dictated by Pre Agreements.


AGE precursors



picked up an expired batch of generics at the health food store.



he got too full of himself to accept having weaknesses



Murray has in fact beaten him ten times before...


you mean -- rigged . I wondered about that as I watched it.

The private chat at the net -- " OK so i did my part, Now it's up to you to do yours "


They seem to just go through the motions. There are so many shows that are't real, and this might be one of them.


They seem to just go through the motions, something was very wrong.


LOOKS like Fed and Nadal shouldn't return any time soon...

Boris Becker: Djokovic suffered without Nadal and Federer as opponents

(CNN)It's a difficult time for Novak Djokovic and his team. Few will be reeling more from the Serb's failure to reclaim the world No. 1 ranking than his head coach Boris Becker.

Reflecting on Sunday's 6-3 6-4 defeat in the ATP Finals showdown with Andy Murray, Becker suggested Djokovic might be suffering from the absence of his usual main rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, who both cut their seasons short due to injuries.

"He didn't have any opponents anymore," the German tennis great, who has coached the Serb to six grand slam titles since December 2013, told CNN's World Sport show. "His time was with Nadal, with Federer. Andy was always the fourth guy.

"So he lost a little bit of his opponents. Murray is showing something he hasn't shown before."
After a phenomenal start to 2016, winning six of his first nine tournaments, Djokovic has struggled to maintain his usual high standards since completing his collection of grand slam titles at Roland Garros in June.

"The first six months were outstanding," Becker added. "His pinnacle was winning the French Open and winning four majors in a row. It hasn't been done since 1969 by a player called Rod Laver.
"Naturally, his motivation was a bit off afterwards. He really didn't know what the next big goal would be."

Djokovic, who became a father in October 2014, has admitted he lost motivation to play tennis after the French Open, and Becker says that has made it difficult for the coaching team.

"Our hands were a little bit tied. He was focusing on off-court priorities, he wanted to spend more time with his family, he has other business interests," the 48-year-old said.

"He was like a machine for two and a half years, with all the power. But from a tennis side we didn't know what to do." However, Becker has faith his player will bounce back next year. "Novak is a competitor at heart. If I have one guy who has to play for my life, I would pick Djokovic. That's how much I trust him," the six-time grand slam champion said.

"This could potentially be a turnaround for Novak Djokovic's 2017. As much as this loss is going to hurt him, it's probably going to inspire him to be re-motivated, re-energized for next year. Maybe it was a good thing in the end."

Murray won 24 matches in claiming five successive tournament wins to become the year-end No. 1 for the first time in his career. However, after losing the French Open final, the 2016 Wimbledon and Olympic champion did not face a top-five player again until
last week.

Despite two record-breaking marathons in the lead-up to the London final, the British player overcame an out-of-sorts Djokovic, who was playing his first title match since losing to Stan Wawrinka at September's US Open.

The Belgrade-born 29-year-old had dropped only one set all week -- in his first match of the tournament -- but he made 30 unforced errors as he missed out on a fifth successive season-ending championship, and a record-equaling sixth overall.

"From Novak's corner, we were disappointed; we were frustrated; we didn't sleep much," Becker said. "For both players it was nerve-racking. I think Novak had more to lose than Andy. But then Andy deserved to win.

"Novak played a bit casually in Shanghai and Paris and all of a sudden you have this ultimate showdown -- one and two playing it down for the final spot. And for tennis fans it was probably the biggest, most important match of the year."

January's Australian Open will be the first big test to see whether Team Djokovic can heal the wounds suffered over the last six months.

Gary Moser

"His pinnacle was winning the French Open and winning four majors in a row.
It hasn't been done since 1969 by a player called Rod Laver.
Naturally, his motivation was a bit off afterwards. He really didn't know what the next big goal would be."
Ummm...CALENDAR Slam? That also "hasn't been done since 1969 by a player called Rod Laver", IIRC.

Give me a freakin' break, Boris!

Mircea Bumbesti

"His time was with Nadal, Federer," says Coach Boris Becker... Since when do coaches become spokesmen for their players? Since when do players need baby-sitters? Djokovic got manhandled by Del Potro; he lost to Murray, a player who had beaten both Nadal and Federer convincingly. You mean to say you are not motivated enough to hammer the last nail in the coffin and confidently make the claim to being the GOAT? Not to take anything away from Djokovic since he always beat a top player to claim a Major: Fed, Murray, Nadal, but please don't tell me that you missed your rivals. That was weak. He simply played against a hungrier opponent and lacked the courage to dig deeper. You can't teach that. Either you have it or you don't. It's easy to win when you are at the top of your game. Another thing is to have to go back to the beginning of your career when you were struggling and find that hunger again.

"His time was with Nadal, Federer," says Coach Boris Becker... implies that Murray was not a good enough opponent. Very disrespectful. To quote Trump: "Very nasty man."

Tennis Planet


That 'solving of the hint part' is close but not perfect.




You probably got the second word right ... So, if we try using it ... Maybe TP believes that the reason Djokovic lost is because tennis is not his top priority at the moment, or for the past few months. Which is true.


Novak losing this years US open finals and world tour finals have few things in common. That is he had a huge advantage on time on court stat and had no tough competition till the finals. Maybe he needed a tough competitive match before the finals. Dunno what TP is thinking though. Bad precedents or bad priorities


Djokovic was winning winning and winning, and he was winning so much that he got tired of winning.


So he lost on purpose? In order to artificially manufacture a situation by which he'll have a goal to achieve and thus motivate himself?

I know O, this was just a joke, right?


I thought it fit exactly his situation. He four slams in a row, and WTF. Eventually he was just tired, and started losing.


If this is line of argument -- priorities-- then the winner needs to show why he was motivated enough or had the right priority to beat this previous 4 opponents but somehow lacked all those things in the final. In short, why was he motivated to beat Nishikori but not Murray? What's so special about Murray or the final?

If we go by precedent, then there is a case. Everytime Djokovic stands on the doorstep of history,to match Federer, he chokes the first time. Example, FO 2015 -- could have had calendar slam. FO- 2011 -- could have had #1. This year, he would've matched Federer as year end #1 as well as WTFs won. As precedent goes, he choked.

If neither is true, the answer is simple. At his level of play, even with a 3+ hour advantage in terms of TOC, Murray is better than him. That's the real reason he lost -- Murray is just better right now.


so Murray Trumped his ace then ?


Yes, that's the only reasonable reason I can think of.


Just be to be clear. My answers are (1) Djokovic choked and (2) Murray is a better player right now even with 3+ hours more TOC.


Hello Alpha! Novak made 30 enforced errors in the finals against Murray. 18 from backhand side. In his previous matches he made an average of 8 unforced errors from his backhand. Novak played poorly in the finals. It was so unlike him but there is no excuse. I feel Murray's level is same but Novak's level of play dropped significantly in the finals. The better player in the finals won. The match was very special as it was for year end number 1. His priorities right now is to regain the motivation to win important matches. Maybe he will regain motivation next year.


I agree. He choked. It was actually even worse than the stats suggest.


Alpha, I like your theory he chokes every time on the brink of matching Federer's record. My first answer is along the same line "Djokovic did not believe he could/should win." but I did not make an explicit connection to Fed. I strongly believe that Djokovic deeply admires Federer even though he would not publicly say so. Federer is everything Djokovic aspires to be.


I watched the highlights. It didn't look like highlights or regular points. It didn't even look like an ATP match. It looked like Djokovic being woken up from the middle of a sweet dream, and told that Murray and others have been waiting for four hours, and you can just go and play a few points and go back to sleep, and he obliged.


I think someone has gotten to him or one of his family, starting in Wimbledon. People look at matches that don't turn out as they should and often there are large amounts of money bet on the match and huge payouts if the favourite loses. He gave every sign of tanking.


I think we are saying different things. Could/Should, to me at least, refers to belief or conviction. I'm talking about nerves. They are very different things. Did you see the match? He was tight as a drum with a textbook manifestation of jittery nerves. His movement wasn't there, there was poor racket head speed (wasn't hitting through the ball) and missed some absolute sitters. I'd say he was more done in by the occasion and what he stood to achieve by winning the match rather than a doubt about his abilities.

Tennis Planet

HINT: Two precedents.

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