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When players and umpires can chat.


People may clap for errors.

Tennis Planet



Regardless of the country Federer is playing in, the majority of the viewers in the stadium continue to consider him the GOAT


Yeah !!


The generally acknowledged Goat has a losing record against the two wannabe Goats.


Should both Roger and Serena win the tournament it will be the confirmation of their undisputed GOAT status, both women and man.


Goats are dethroned their titles and made crying and crying.


Goats losing to challengers.


Goats cry like babies.


previous GOATs are very respectful and whole heartedly support to-be GOATs


3 highly potential GOAT candidates are playing in the same generation to become THE GOAT


3 Goat candidates out there playing at same time. #3 slam winner has h2h lead over both #2 and #1 slam winner. #2 slam winners has heh against #1 slam winner.

3 Goat candidates out there playing and yet none of them is #1 right now.


Federer, Nadal and Djokovic have their own records. But Federer has many more records than the other two.
Also, one of Federer's extraordinary records will never be equalled - 24 consecutive tournament finals won.


All goats have wife and children.


Goats are thirty plus.


Rafa does not.


Goat is still competing


AO draw is out:

Top: Murray/Stan

Bottom: Raonic/Djokovic

Federer in Murray's quarter
Nadal in Raonic's quarter


Federer has a nice draw? maybe he'll beat Raonic in the final?


it used to be said when I was young that the string of a tennis racquet was catgut . Then it turned out that it was not the gut of a poor fluffy pussycat but it was sheep's gut. Well now with the modern era of racquets and the need to improve every aspect of the player's equipment it has been found that the racquet string of the top players is made of GOAT gut .

And if I don't get a WOF for that I will be truly gutted !!




don't agree on that. While getting the extra one will put Serena over the top getting the extra one will do nothing for RF. He already has way more than Rafa, Nole and Sir A

Tennis Planet


"3 highly potential GOAT candidates are playing in the same generation to become THE GOAT".


Congratulations Johnny!

I disagree Rafa has any chance of claiming the GOAT status. He's missing year-end No 1s, WTF titles, etc. The only way he can compensate for that is winning 20+ slams, ain't happening.


You have my vote!


Hohooooooooooo..my first hall of fame!!!


3 goat candidates is the answer. Well, there is Federer , Serena and that's all.

Rafa is far below and failing.
Nole is even further below and failing.

Sir A M is even further behind and at his age will never hit 17 or 18.

As for the women -- everyone has forgotten Martina N who, in my mind is the greatest ever, -- but anyway she isn't playing any more.

So -- who are the 3 please ?????????????????????????????????/


Stella, I fully agree. See my initial answer above. Roger and Serena! Rafa and Nole are so far behind it is just not realistic to talk about 3 GOATs at this moment. Maybe if Nole wins another 5 slams, 15 masters and a few year-end No 1s.

TP, please reconsider.

Unless you thought Roger, Mike and Bob :)

Tennis Planet


It doesn't mean Federer, Nadal and Djokovic are in the race to be a GOAT - TODAY.

There was a time when both Nadal and Djokovic were billed to 'quite to semi-realistically' dethrone Federer from the top perch - or at least land next to him - or just be in the conversation thereby eliminating Federer from the undisputed GOAT pedestal.

The raging and irresistible GOAT debate is evidence.

Just the existence of the possibility 'once upon a time' - however weak or strong based on your perspective - qualifies as a SUPER rare event - maybe in ANY discipline - forget sports.


That's because we have short memory. If Rafa/Nole stop where they are today, I'm not convinced in 20 years people will think Djokovic was closer to GOAT status than Borg or Rafa than Sampras. Not to mention Laver. To me, this moment in tennis is no more special than when Magic/Bird/young Jordan shared the courts in NBA. And, certainly does not feel more special than Messi/Ronaldo rivalry in soccer. This last one my friend is going on for almost a decade. What's the attendance at AO? 700k over the whole tournament? That's about 10 soccer matches. That's less than weekend attendance in any major European soccer league. One weekend, one country!
And back to tennis ... Serena has won almost as many Slams as Rafa and Nole combined! So that's what's special. She also dated Drake!


agreed. People have short memories. If Nole and Rafa don't get 17 then in 10 years from now they'll disappear from the argument and a new potential goat will appear. My point with Martina - she has more titles, more total slams and more weeks at Number 1 than Serena but she's retired. Serena is in your face so Martina doesn't exist.
And as far as shortt memories are concerned Murray was just voted UK's greatest sportsman EVER -- can't people remember back more than a few years.

So TP, they were in the GOAT discussion in the past but are not at this moment in time , The AO 2017.

And maybe Novak should string his racquet with some of my GOAT GUT

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