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Change your racquet? This applies to everyone, including amateurs, having seen Fed's success after doing that.
Stop hitting to Federer's BH? This applies to pro players only, of course.


As this is TP. Start using PEDs. Or hire Federer's or Nadal's doctor.


I say you have to live in the mountains. You feel 10 or 20 years younger, forget feel you are. Don't you all notice that Federer spend a lot of time on those beautiful mountains?


I would go one step further, Adrian, and say a combination of larger axe AND developing a one-handed backhand.
The statisticians have shown that it`s more than just the ripped BH`s that have led to Federer`s success this season, but I think the psychological effect it has across the net outweighs the actual number of winners from that wing.
And TP has railed against Fed`s unwillingness to adopt the two-hander for so long, that an about-face now makes perfect sense, no?


If you are a tennis player you say.

I already have a one handed backhand so that isn't changeable.

Take time off to regroup and refresh and then stop and do it again --- just like RF has done end of 2016 and early 2017.

Thing I'd change -- my gene pool -- it produced a person (me ) who is too short !!


If I am a tennis player, ONE change I'd make is to turn a single weakness into strength, like Federer did with his BH. It was a proven weakness and now it's the best shot in the world.


I think Stella has it as the rest and recharge applies to both. Rafa is also having a better beginning than he's had for a while. Although Rafa has done rest and recharge many times.


As a professional tennis player you have to make a LOT of changes as your career progress. This includes change in tactics for different players, change of racquet, technique, schedule,coach etc. The ONE important change is though for me is the change in schedule depending on your physical and mental fitness as well as your age. As you age your body won't listen to you as it did before. So it's wise to reduce the number of tournaments you play as you age. Also if you have injury then it is of utmost importance that you omit tournaments and change your schedule. In my opinion that ONE important change you should have already implemented is the change in schedule.


What you do as a tennis player highly depends on what you're trying to achieve. For example, my goal at my club may not be to play for another 10 years, it may be to finish the season within the top 3 on the ladder, even at a cost of shortening my "career" because I have bad knees. My buddy, who also has bad knees, may decide he just wants to play as long as he can without achieving top results. This is just an example. So, decisions to make a change depend on what you're trying to achieve.
Having said that, there might be a single, all-applicable change for all players. If that's the question, I don't have the answer but am thinking about it ...


Doesn't matter what your goal is, PEDs can help.


Some may say PEDs shorten the career


I've been playing 61 years . My aim is to play another 20. what do I change ? Nothing . It has worked OK so far. But then I'm a tennis player , not a pro


Let's wait and learn TP's advice, who knows, we may have to change that one thing ...


If you are a tennis player, change to the same racket Federer Nadal or Wawrinka is using? I know a lot of players use Federer's shoes?


Considering how much Federer's BH has improved, you have search for a coach that can help you. Ljubicic revolutionized Federer's game.

Tennis Planet



Congrats Adrian!

TP, if you want to be precise WoF should go to Clifford. Adrian only said "change" Clifford said "bigger".

Tennis Planet


It was considered but 'benefit of doubt' overcame 'precision' given the 'near' obvious.

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