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Will look better if Federer is No. 1 slot in W and USO as it is a tie anyway. Why is he lower down?

Gary Moser

I'm guessing it was put in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER to eliminate claims of player-bias:

Wimby: Sampras did it before Federer did...

USO: Connors did it first, then Sampras, then Federer...


Federer is 1 slam away from being No 1 at W, 1 slam away from being No 1 at USO, and 1 slam away from being Co No 1 at AO. Also, not counting FO, only Djokovic and Edberg are even miltiple same-slam winners. In my view this puts Federer so far ahead of competition that even a remote comparison is not possible. Fans worldwide agree. Which is why I simply cannot even begin to understand some current and former tennis greats talking about Nadal as the best ever??!!


To understand current and former greats...
With all due respect, recollecting their opinions (which happen, in the time course, to be rather...mercurial, let's say so), I am afraid to conclude that sometimes they simply look like bandwagonners. No matter Federer, Nadal or Djokovic are spoken of - all they need is a next impressive and more or less prolonged streak, and voila! you have a renewed goat.
I can understand them in a sense. If they want to be still 'present', there is no way except reacting to the present, i.e. praise the current winner. We, poor mortals, are then in a better position, no?

Gary Moser

If Roger had played someone other than Nadal in each of the four FO Finals he lost to Nadal,
it is not a CERTAINTY that Roger would have won any of those four, let alone all of them, to add to his lone 2009 title.

But it's POSSIBLE that it took the unquestioned greatest clay-courter of all time, in his personal cathedral,
to prevent Roger from having a QUINTUPLE-CAREER-SLAM.

Using the same type of "projection":

Djokovic winning all of his Slam Finals versus Nadal would give him a TRIPLE.

Nadal winning all of his Slam Finals against either Djokovic or Wawrinka or Federer would give him a DOUBLE.

Nobody else -- not even Agassi -- ends up with more than a SINGLE, no matter which individual rival you take away...


Again, I am impressed by your ability to find a new, not so obvious but so convincing argument!


Yup, Gary never fails to impress!!!

Gary Moser

Thanks, L & V!


Add my appreciation too. There's often a nugget that makes me go Whoa!

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